Can You Install iPhone 4S’ 8-Megapixel Camera on an iPhone 4? Is it Compatible?

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Without a doubt, the iPhone 4S takes stunning photos. So you must be wondering by now if you can install the 8 megapixel camera lens on your iPhone 4?

Well, I got my hands dirty by purchasing an iPhone 4S camera lens.

At a first glance they look 95% identical – the overall size, design, and even the connector that goes to the logic board.

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I was able to attach the camera without any issue on an iPhone 4. The phone boots up normally.

However, when launching the Camera app, the virtual shutter was stuck in a closed position.

Even after jailbreaking it (iOS 5) the shutter still wouldn’t open. I also tried with different apps that use the camera lens but to no avail.

This means Apple had already thought about this when they were building the prototype of iPhone 4S. It’s further reflecting Apple’s typical ‘closed system’ and they’re really not leaving any stone unturned. I also suspect that the new lens is utilizing an updated device driver that checks the hardware to determine if it’s an iPhone 4S or otherwise. Advanced programmers should be able to figure this out, right? :)

Well, I hope this information will give hackers a head start to make iPhone 4S’ superb 8-megapixel camera lens compatible for the iPhone 4.

Can You Install iPhone 4S’ 8-Megapixel Camera on an iPhone 4? Is it Compatible? was last modified: July 15th, 2019 by Joe Wang

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  1. did u try the ios 6.0 version yet try it please let me know if it works go to itunes and click update softwaer and u should get uos 6 on your i phone 4 i did hope this works i want the 8 megapix in my 4 also thanks.. chopper tony

  2. I know on the iPhone 4, there's 28 pins on the camera connector and on the 4S there's 32. You might be able to make it work, however though. The .plist in the IOS build are set to record video at 720p and to shoot pictures at 5mp. I think in order to take advantage of the 4S's camera, you would have to edit the .plist or somehow get a IOS for the 4S on an iPhone 4. Witch probably isn't possible

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