Chinese Hackers Reportedly Hosting SHSH Server that Allows Baseband Downgrade from 4.11.08 to 4.10.01

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Are Chinese hackers outsmarting Apple once again (after developing Gevey SIM, of course)? The server is rumored to allow downgrade of iPhone 4 baseband to 4.10.01 to allow unlocking with Gevey SIM.

UPDATE: You can now officially unlock your AT&T iPhone and many other worldwide carriers.

I received an email from my suppliers this morning and they told me that there have been rumors of Chinese hackers hosting such SHSH server. The concept of hosting your own SHSH server is not new, but to have one that can downgrade your iPhone 4 baseband is.

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If you’re new to iPhone unlocking, you should know that you can never downgrade your baseband due to security mechanisms implemented by Apple called BBTicket. This page explains more about this.

The following was the email content I received:

The above text translates:

    “This service is available to those who have mistakenly updated to iOS 5.0 or 5.0.1 and stuck on baseband 4.11.08.

    Software downgrade service: Downgrades to firmware 4.3.5, baseband 04.10.01, no SHSH backup required.

    Guaranteed non-hardware type of downgrade, disassembling is not required, will not break your device in any way. You can put a tamper proof sticker on the screws (to prove that the iPhone is not taken apart)”

Other than that, there’s no other description or explanation of how the whole mechanism works. I was also told that one of the parties behind this is probably the developer of Gevey SIM itself.

Come to think of it, this is really sensible because downgrading to 4.10.01 will allow continued sales of Gevey SIM which became obsolete after iOS 5.0 was released back in October 2011. Popular Chinese iDevice forum is also talking about this.

Whoever’s behind this is either a genius or a good liar. Stay tuned while I dig more about this.

Chinese Hackers Reportedly Hosting SHSH Server that Allows Baseband Downgrade from 4.11.08 to 4.10.01 was last modified: December 9th, 2012 by Jonathan

Comments & Discussion

  1. i really agree with " Alchemist ", i have same oppinion for these guys from Dev Team and Ultrasnow etc etc… while they can't do anything in the bb 04.11.08, they are able to unlock iPhone 4s basebands…
    i really think that they are playing with all us, keeping us in hope for months and still nothing… there is nothing special in this fucking bb 04.11.08 than in others. i really believe that they are not working in the bb04.11.08 and there will not be any solution. maybe they are looking to find any solution in bb 04.12.xx
    not sincerly guys, they are good guys but they are not transparent…
    they have to inform us, couse ppl are buyin iPhone 4 with this fucking bb 04.11.08 trusting they lies that soon will be something for this bb. etc etc.

    sorry for my long letter.

    hope something new

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