Fast and Easy Way to Check if Your AT&T iPhone Can Make FaceTime Calls

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FaceTime over cell data has been available to some AT&T unlimited data customers since late November. There’s a quick and easy way to find out.

Normally, FaceTime over cellular requires LTE on AT&T’s network, but some have reported they can FaceTime calls even without LTE service enabled.

Here’s how to check:

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1. Go to Settings > scroll down to FaceTime.

2. Toggle Facetime OFF or ON, sign in with your Apple ID.

3. Toggle the “Use Cellular Data” to ON, and observe. If it stays ON, AT&T allows you to use Facetime, otherwise you’ll see the message as shown in the screenshot above.

In some cases you may have to reboot your iPhone for the feature to take effect. The roll-out is gradual so you may want to try from time to time.

Most iPhone 5 users with unlimited data plan will have this feature without any problem and some iPhone 4S users have reported to be successful as well.

Easy, huh?

via MacRumors

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