Fetch or Download iPad Baseband 6.15.00 without Internet Connection (Local Computer)

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Using the iPad baseband is not the best solution to unlock iPhone 3G/3GS but if you decide to go ahead after understanding the risks, you can download it without the need of having an internet connection (although you still need to download the iPad 3.2.2 firmware). This will also help if you are stuck on the Fetching iPad baseband screen for too long. Don’t like this unlocking method? Consider this.

Using this method, redsn0w will only take about 5 seconds to download it instead of the usual 3-4 minutes. If you have a slow internet connection, it will take even longer. Note: The instructions below is for PC. I’ll post a Mac version soon.

1. Download the following files:

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2. Install Appserv. Follow on screen instructions. At one point, it will ask for name, enter any name you wish then create a password. After Installation you will see a new directory AppServ is created on your C drive.

3. Open C:\AppServ\www and create a folder name iPad.

4. Create another folder inside the iPad folder and name the folder as “061-8801.20100811.CvfR5” without the ” “.

5. Copy the iPad 3.2.2. IPSW into the 061-8801.20100811.CvfR5 folder.

5. Edit the host file in C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc. Note:

  • Windows 7 or Vista: Right click on Notepad and select Run as administrator, then open the host file.
  • Windows XP: edit the host file directly.

6. Copy and paste the following at the end of the line of the host file and hit save. appldnld.apple.com gs.apple.com

Now when you run redsn0w and selecting the Install iPad Baseband option, you will notice that it will take only 5 seconds (or less) for redsn0w to download it.

Reason: This setup tricks redsnow by fetching the baseband directly on your localhost (your computer) through the help of Appserv program.

This page has detailed steps with screenshots.

Thank you level5team for the tips.

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Comments & Discussion

  1. Been trying to upgrade the baseband of my Iphone 3g to 6.15 for the nth time now, still no luck even with this trick.

    Now, I will try to use redsnow Cydia first, then Install baseband option as mentioned above. Hope it will do the trick this time. :)

  2. One more question, Do i follow the same redsnow jailbreak procedure but this time select only “install ipad baseband? I mean I will enter to DFU mode again just like installing Cydia? thanks

  3. Still no luck here… same error “cannot fetch baseband”

    What version of redsnow that makes it work for you guys? thanks

  4. When running the .exe, i'm having 16 bit MS-DOS Subsystem saying: <path of the application> The NTVDM CPU has encountered an illegal instruction. CS:0e00 IP:0115 OP:63 63 65 73 73 Choose 'Close' to terminate the application.

    • dunno why, but the Appserv i dld from this site doesn't work (it's only 8Mb). I've dld from another site, and it worked (the app is approx 16Mb)

      Then later on, you have to modify a the host file as described. I don't know why, but my file was named hosts instead: i removed the "s" in the name, followed this site procedure… and it worked.

      Hope this can help others that will encounter the same problem.

  5. Thank you very much for this post, it worked for my 3GS. I was on 4.3.3 5.16.02. I always receieved the ":error fetching basebands" message. I wasted some money trying to by an unlock that was never provided. Keep up the excellent work and support!

  6. Have you fetching IPad Basebands on the new 3GS come out on week 36 years 2011 and up ? if yes then what do you have on a devices ?

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