How to Buy a Factory Unlocked AT&T iPhone 5 for Under $250

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Let’s admit it, the iPhone 5 will cost you some amount of money especially if you intend to buy the factory unlocked, no commitment version. However, there’s a way on how to get it for under $250.

Based on the screenshot above from AT&T’s website, the full price of a factory unlocked AT&T iPhone 5 16GB version is currently selling for $649.00. That’s quite a lot, don’t you think?

However, the subsidized 2-year contract price is significantly lower at $199.00. As you all know, the subsidized version is locked and you won’t be able to use with any other SIM card other than AT&T.

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Since we now offer AT&T iPhone permanent unlock service, you can make the subsidized model permanently unlocked and at the same time save tons of money!

Let’s take the iPhone 5 32GB from AT&T as another example:

Instead of paying the full price of $749.00 for the factory unlocked version, simply pay for the 2-year contact price which is $299.00, purchase our AT&T unlock service and you can save up to 40% which equates to around $300!!

This is no rocket science.

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Comments & Discussion

  1. U open a family plan ($10 a month) and of course they add the data plan for $20 (cheapest data available).

    so now ur at $30 a month.

    THEN u go back with a cheap phone thats not worth crap and say, "hey id like to put my i5 number onto this cheap phone (so they give u a new sim card bc the i5's is a nano sim) and then cancle ur data plan.

    NOW ur paying $10 a month for ur service. 10 x 24 (24 months of contract) is $240 total paid for ur entire contract.

    So now u got an iphone for 200 + 240 + the original 36 activation fee (which if u ask the manager he can override)

    Leaving the lines "hanging" for 10$ a month is better than paying the $350 cancelation fee.

    You have all been introduced to a professional "gaming" method as apple and att and other providers call it. i have been doing this since the first iphones release and this is the first time i have shared my method. u are all very welcome.

    Now, if u can do the rest of the thinking, u can make 5-$10,000 dollars OFF EACH IPHONE RELEASE as i do.

    Prodigy Pwn Thee
    of Austin Texas

  2. that's great, man was any way to bring them to mexico for a good price or you acquire already unlocked the as you say

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