How to Fix iTunes Errors 3200, 3014, 3004, 3002 When Updating to iOS 7.1

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Attempting to upgrade to iOS 7.1 yet getting an iTunes error 3200, 3014, 3004 or 3002? Here are some conceivable fixes which you can attempt.

Now that iOS 7.1 is officially public, you might want to install it on your iPhone right away. However, it’s frustrating when you keep getting these errors while you spend hours trying to get your iPhone working again.

Firstly, please be aware that you’re getting one of these error messages because iTunes is unable to connect to Apple firmware verification server to verify your device probably due to:

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  • Apple server is extremely busy as millions of people around the world are trying to install iOS 7.1.
  • Your computer’s hosts file is causing communication issue between iTunes and Apple’s servers.

The easiest fix for this is to wait and try again at a later time. Usually this would fix the problem right away. However, if you’re still getting the same problem even after waiting for a couple of hours, try the following fix:

1. Edit your hosts file:

  • Windows user go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\ and open the hosts file with any text editor or Notepad
  • Mac users go to \etc\ and open the hosts file with any text editor

[viral-lock]2. If you tried to restore to stock iOS 7.1 firmware, you need to delete any lines shown below and save the file.

3. Restart your computer.

4. To verify you made the correct changes, open in your internet browser to ensure that it redirects you to the Apple website.[/viral-lock]

5. Try restoring to iOS 7.1 again.

I hope this helps! If not, leave your comments below and we’ll see if there’s a way to help you.



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  1. I tried to erase the iPhone 5s so that I could sell and now is stuck on the apple logo with a progression bar below and nothing happening for 2-3 hours, I tried to restore in iTunes several times and get error 3004

    Ios is 8.1.2

    Any suggestions welcome, ( Internet connection is spotty also right now)

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