How to Hack AT&T iPhone 5 or iPad mini Carrier Update File to Speed Up LTE

(Last Updated On: June 26, 2020)

Do you think you’re not getting enough speed from your LTE? This hack might double or triple your LTE performance.

It is mankind’s instincts to go for speed. Internet speed has significantly increased for the past few years but it’s still not fast enough for many of us. If you’re one those folks who always strive to find something faster, then this hack is really for you.

If you’re interested with the technical aspects of this hack, read on. Otherwise, just head on straight to the tutorials below. In the carrier update file which you occasionally get from iTunes, band preferences were intentionally set by AT&T to limit you to a certain band rather than the band giving off the strongest signal, when available, both with LTE and HSPA+, according to the founder of this hack.

The same hack from T-Mobile LTE was released last week, which essentially modified the carrier file and ultimately improves your iPhone or iPad network performance with enhanced band management. In order to be able to hack something like this, one must have deep understanding of latest mobile network systems and how cell towers around you operate.

Before you begin, please proceed only at your own risks. Remember to backup your iPhone or iPad in case something goes wrong.


1. Download the hacked carrier update in the link below (in order to protect the download link from leechers, please support by Liking, +1 or Tweet below)

[viral-lock]Download hacked AT&T carrier update file here[/viral-lock]

2. Once downloaded, allow iTunes to accept carrier bundle updates by doing on these:

A. If you are using either a 32-bit or 64-bitWindows, you will need to open command prompt (Start > type CMD) and then type the following followed by enter:

  • 64-bit: cd C:\Program Files (x86)\iTunes then type: iTunes.exe/setPrefInt carrier-testing 1
  • 32-bit: cd C:\Program Files\iTunes then type: iTunes.exe/setPrefInt carrier-testing 1

B. If you own a Mac, open terminal and type the following and hit enter:

  • defaults write carrier-testing -bool true

3. Once that’s done, click on the tab for your iPhone 5 and click “Update” or “Check For Update” while holding down the Alt/Option key for Mac or the Shift key for Windows.

4. Point it to the file you just downloaded in step 2, select the file and click Open. iTunes will now update your carrier settings.

5. Reboot your iPhone to experience a faster connection on your iPhone.

In any case if you encounter a problem while doing the steps above, you can always roll back by doing the following:

  • Non Jailbroken iPhone/iPad: Go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings and Restore From Backup.
  • Jailbroken iPhone/iPad: Using iFile or similar, Go to var/mobile/Library/Carrier bundles/iPhone and delete the ATT_US.bundle folder and another folder called “Overlay” located in var/mobile/Library/Carrier Bundles. Reboot your iPhone. In some cases, a second reboot may be required if the data indicator is only showing “3G”. This behavior is completely normal.

While some people may notice some speed increment, the hacker also put up a disclaimer saying:

This hack does NOT guarantee that you will see any dramatic changes or any change at all as certain areas are simply limited because of population density, natural features that degrade signal, the traffic on a specific tower, and even the amount of spectrum the tower is limited to as not all LTE towers have been upgraded to 10MHz on the downlink for higher bandwidth support. If you feel this hack has not helped you, we have provided a way back to defaults, if you choose to do so.

Well, we do hope that it’s going to be beneficial for you and all did go smoothly. If you think your network speed is faster, do share your experience below.


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