How to “Safely” Unlock Your iPhone After Receiving E-mail Confirmation from AT&T

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Yeah, we know how happy you felt when you received that email from AT&T but you may want to stop and think first before doing a full restore that was suggested by AT&T.

UPDATE: If your request was rejected, you can still unlock your AT&T iPhone permanently. See here.

You should have known by now that if you do a full restore, you will:

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  • Update the baseband
  • Lose your untethered jailbreak (if it’s jailbroken)

While losing your untethered jailbreak is not really the end of the world but losing your valuable baseband is, at least for many people!

Why? Many people who have received the unlock confirmation email from AT&T got too excited and did a full restore as suggested by AT&T. However, for some reason the unlock didn’t happen as expected; like what happened to one our Facebook followers:

There are two “safe” ways of  unlocking your iPhone:

  1. Use the latest redsn0w (no restore required) – simply launch it, click on Jailbreak, follow on screen instructions, uncheck ‘Install Cydia’, check ‘Deactivate.’
  2. Build a custom firmware with sn0wbreeze (restore required) – launch program, follow on screen instructions and choose baseband preservation mode – this allows you to restore your iPhone to “stock” custom firmware while preserving its baseband.

For both methods above, once you have completed the steps, eject the iPhone SIM tray, connect to iTunes and you will get the following message:

In case you don’t see the screenshot above, that tells you the unlock (and activation) was not successful. Check with AT&T again on the status of the unlock.

If you’re still waiting for that unlock confirmation, be sure to take precautions before you proceed! Losing your unlockable baseband is the last thing you would want to happen to your iPhone!

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Comments & Discussion

  1. I have successfully unlocked my phone and use another sim but lost the jailbreak. The current Modem Firmware is 04.12.01.

  2. Good news guys. Today I got my conformation e mail and got my phone unlocked. AT&T Rocks! Beijing iPhone repair Rocks!

  3. Hi Richard, I am waiting for ATT to unlock my iphone and I want to use snowbreeze to my 5.16.02 baseband. The problem is that I already have jailbreakme 3.0 on it. How do I put snowbreeze on it so that my bb can be preserved.

  4. Hi…
    I did the unlock process through redsn0w as suggested above and after everything when I connected to iTunes, I did not get the screen saying your iPhone is unlcoked as screenshot pasted above. Rather a pop up appeared that a new network setting is available for download for your phone. I accepted that and after that my iPhone is unlocked i.e. network is there without Gevey SIM and also in network a new feature of personal hotspot is added. I am running iOS 4.3.2. Kindly suggest should I get back to AT&T or my iPhone is unlocked ?

  5. Does the snowbreeze work for Iphone 4s? Because I tried the redsnow and it only works for Iphone 4 or older as far as I was able to tell. And when i begin to follow the steps for unlock, is it ok if I have any sim in my phone? (because I don`t own an AT&T one). Thank you!

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