iOS 9.3 Night Shift for iPhone 5

(Last Updated On: March 23, 2016)

iOS 9.3 was rolled out just a few days ago to all iPhones and iPads and a new feature called Night Shift was one of the highlights for the new update.

A new feature called Night Shift on iOS 9.3 was introduced which automatically changes your display’s colors to be “warmer,” and thus, easier on the eyes, especially when using it at night.

The reason this feature was added because bright, blue lights can negatively affect your sleeping patterns — making it harder to both fall and stay asleep.

Night Shift allows you to schedule the screen color either “warm” or “cool.” Many people are enjoying this new feature despite not so many changes with iOS 9.3.

Would the change in color affect how you view things on your device? Thankfully, it doesn’t.

The only downside is that iPhone 5 users are not able to enjoy this feature. Apple didn’t make Night Shift available for devices which are earlier than iPhone 5s. Right now, the only way is to wait until a jailbreak hack becomes available for the feature to be added on devices such as iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S.

I wonder why it wasn’t made available on iPhone 5 since it doesn’t take that much resources anyway. Perhaps Apple really wants you to upgrade to the latest model.

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