iPhone X and iPhone 8 Ambient Light Sensor Not Working After Replacement Fix is Now Available

(Last Updated On: May 17, 2020)

Third party technicians reported about the ambient light sensor on iPhone X and iPhone 8 stopped working after a screen replacement. The fix is here.


Apple is definitely trying to prevent any unofficial or unauthorized repair center to replace any broken iPhone screen. This was discovered after repair centers from around the world reported this issue after replacing the screen of their customers’ iPhones.

Each screen has a chip that stores unique information that ties to the logic board. The information is programmed onto the chip during the production process. So, if a screen is replaced, there will be an information mismatch which causes the ambient light sensor to stop working.

Thankfully, a China based company called Rewa has developed a solution to copy the chip information from the original screen e.g. broken screen onto a new screen. The solution currently only supports original screen. They are still working on a solution for non-original or non-OEM parts.

The process looks fairly easy and straight forward. The device comes with a screen that will assist you to copy the chip information. The steps below outlined on how to use this device.

How to Use iPhone X or iPhone 8 Screen Information Programmer / Copier

  1. Plug in the broken screen on the left hand side of the device
  2. Plug in the new screen on the right hand side of the device
  3. Power up the device by connecting it to a USB port
  4. The screen will light up and you’ll see a basic interface to begin the process
  5. Press on READ to extract information from the broken screen
  6. Press on WRITE to copy the information onto the new screen

The process is that simple. The new screen now has the information from the broken screen and should match with the one on the logic board. The ambient light sensor should work normally.


A full demo of the process is shown on this YouTube video. If you would like to purchase this device, you can contact the seller directly.

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