SemiTether Boots Up Tethered iOS 5 Jailbreak iPhone without Computer

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If you’re out on the road with your tethered jailbroken iPhone running on iOS 5, what happens when you ran out of power and you don’t have your computer with you? Are you scr*wed? Well, not really, thanks to SemiTether.

SemiTether allows you to reboot your tethered jailbroken iPhone without a computer. However, the biggest downside with it is that you won’t be able to use Mail, Safari and Cydia until you reboot your iPhone using Redsn0w or iBooty.

For ultrasn0w unlockers, please note this won’t work for you because ultrasn0w will not work if your iPhone is booted with SemiTether. MuscleNerd had confirmed this:

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“ultrasn0w needs JB so if you were semitethered and rebooted away from computer, ultrasn0w won’t work”

You should already know by now in order to boot tethered it you would usually launch Redsn0w > Extras > Just Boot. Your iPhone will then boot into tethered state and you can use Safari, Cydia without any issue. iBooty is an alternative tool if your firmware was custom made with sn0wbreeze.

Despite this shortfall, it will come in handy when you’re out on the road.

Here’s how to install it:

1. Launch Cydia and add the following URL to your source:

2.¬† Once added to your source search for SemiTether. Be sure to read the notes¬† by the developer as there are several “caveats” with it. Oh, this requires iOS 5.

Once installed, go ahead and try it. The next time you need to reboot your iPhone you can do it without using redsn0w.

Let us know what you think!

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Comments & Discussion

  1. it doesn`t work for me, it just stays at apple logo. Dont boot up just like without the semi tethered app.
    I am using io5 baseband 04.10.01. I have tried several times to reinstall the app and also restore ios5, but it just dont boot up.

  2. Since I installed the semiteht, installous disappeared! and I am not able to install it again. Can you help me please? thank you

  3. if you want to use semitether, u cant use installous, if u after install a semitether and install a installous, when u reboot u will stays at apple logo

  4. i just installed new version and now i cant boot thethered in redsnow :S wtf?? how much i need to wait im stucked in redsnow logo

  5. My iPhone 4 won't boot tethered any more, just stays in the semitethered mode. When I try to boot tethered, it goes through the whole process, and then at the end, the redsn0w icon goes away and the apple comes up and it boots semitethered. Is there any way I can get my phone to reboot tethered?

  6. Mine too! My iPhone 4 wont boot Tethered anymore! It shows the pwnapple icon, then goes to the reg apple icon then boots but only boots into Semi-Tethered State. Ive even tried using iBooty which only boots into Semi also! Please anyone fix this yet???

  7. I have a iphone 3GS and after doing all this all it says is Searching…….. and after like 10 mins No network. I am so tired of it. I would appreciate your help!!

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