Sn0wbreeze 2.2’s Baseband Preservation Mode to Create “Stock” Firmware that Does Not Update iPhone Baseband

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The creator of Sn0wbreeze – iH8sn0w had just tweeted and teased us with a screenshot of the updated version of Sn0wbreeze. The upcoming version will have a new feature called Baseband Preservation Mode which prevents the modem firmware or baseband of your iPhone being updated while doing a restore on iTunes.

In other words, if you choose this mode, the program will customize the firmware and take out the portion which updates the baseband – somewhat similar to PwnageTool developed by the iPhone Dev Team. Basically you will have a “stock” or “orginal” firmware that eliminates the baseband update process.

If you read the screenshot above – This mode ONLY preserves the iPhone’s baseband. It does not Jailbreak or Unlock the actual device. All other modes still do preserve the baseband.

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There is no ETA as usual but it will be out soon!

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