Strange Parts Successfully Added Wireless Charging on an iPhone 7

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iPhone 8 and iPhone X have wireless charging feature, but fear not as iPhone 7 can have this feature too with a certain hack.


If you own an older iPhone, you would be envious to see the wireless charging capability of the latest iPhone. You shouldn’t be so despair because the guy from Strange Parts have shown to the world that it’s possible to hack the iPhone 7.

In the video below, he basically did a documentary of his experience hacking the iPhone 7 by installing a wireless charging circuit. It’s definitely not for the average user because of the specialized tools and some skills with dismantling small components.

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Scotty Allen has been hacking electronic devices for quite a while and has a huge number of followers on YouTube. Since he’s based in Shenzhen in China, he can get access to these parts very easily at the local electronics market. Previously he attempted to add a headphone jack on the iPhone 7.

People are now challenging him too upgrade the storage chip of older iPhones.

Scotty is selling the part on his website for US$70, which is kind of expensive. It’s probably sold around $20-30 at the market. We guess that’s fine since it’s not really possible to buy it from anywhere. He also advised everyone not to do it on their own devices due to the risk. People should do it purely for hobby only.

Are you daring enough to add this on your iPhone?

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