TinyUmbrella 5.10.12 Can Save iPhone BBTicket for “Later On”

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Semaphore aka @notcom – the developer of TinyUmbrella has just released version 5.10.12 of this program for both Windows and Mac.

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This latest version of TinyUmbrella has the ability to save your iPhone’s BBTicket. Some explanation on BBTicket – flashing a new baseband depends on having the correct BBTicket which can only be authorized by Apple and cannot be replayed as we do with APTickets when restoring iOS.

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Any attempt to flash with baseband version lower than the one currently installed on your iPhone will fail. You will notice this when you successfully downgraded your iOS but the baseband stayed the same.

He didn’t specifically mention how they plan to use this yet, but he claims that it will be useful “later on.” He also added that BBTickets are stitched together with the SHSH files saved by TinyUmbrella. You won’t see this feature anywhere within the program as it’s done silently in the background. Be sure to check ‘overwrite saved SHSH’ as per notcom’s recommendation.

Somehow I have a sense that when you attempt to do a downgrade next time (assuming it’s 100% possible) e.g. from iOS 5.2 to iOS 5.1, the baseband gets downgraded as well. Now that would be awesome.

Although BBTicket will become less relevant as AT&T has started unlocking iPhones for free, it will still be useful for many locked iPhones locked to other carriers from different countries and for those who have got their unlock requests rejected by AT&T.

Be sure to download the latest version of TinyUmbrella directly from his website and save your BBTicket now!

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Comments & Discussion

  1. So for example my baseband is 04.10.01 and I save my shsh blobs with also saves my BBticket, so until 5.2 comes out and I accidentally update to 5.2 and the baseband gets upgrade too, and I downgrade using my shsh blobs to 5.1, will my baseband go to 04.12.01 or to 04.10.01?

  2. if somebody has 5.1 with bb 1.59 AND SAVE SSH and BBticket…. n after upgrade to 5.2 will they be able to downgrade to 1.59 with iOS 5.1 again…or just downgrade to 5.2 with its corresponding BB version?

  3. TinyU used to work for me,but now when I try to save, I get no internet connection. I've tried giving TinyU full access in my firewall and antivirus program. Does anyone know how to solve this? TinyU won't save anymore.

  4. Can we use this to downgrade from 4.11.08 to 4.10.01 for example, using the bbticket of another iPhone? Dumb question I guess

    • BBticket is unique for the iphone…. just same as SHSH…. u can never reuse them for other iPhone…. so u`r requested to have been saving the bbticket for ur iphone…. u can`t use anothers………Hope I answered enough

  5. Richard, your presumption that baseband will get downgraded in the process is not correct.
    Even today, it is possible to downgrade iOS using APTickets. But baseband remains same, if you use jailbreaking tools in preserve baseband mode, else it gets upgraded to the highest one being offered by Apple.

  6. Notcom is hoping that one day we can upgrade or downgrade bb just like shsh blobs do. he has been working hard on on it for at least a year. Of course like everything else no ETA or nothing for sure it will work.

  7. Hello. Im having quite a headache with my iphone 4, trying to unlock. I previously updated ios to 5.1.1 baseband is 4.12.01. Tinyumbrella wont let me actually save the .shsh files to my computer. In the advanced tab the 3rd and 5th options are grayed out- whatever that means. I select save shsh and it lists them in the log but I never get a green save status bar (as I've seen in videos) and the files are nowhere to be found. Also, using redsn0w, trying to stitch blobs the options for "local" as well as "cydia" (where to find the .shsh file) are grayed out/not selectable… any help?

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