How to Unlock Any Blacklisted iPhone using R-SIM and ICCID Exploit

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Chinese hackers have identified a new exploit that can unlock or hack any blacklisted iPhone by using an R-SIM and changing the ICCID.


In the early days of the iPhone it was relatively easy for hackers to unlock any iPhone. Simply by jailbreaking it and installing an unlock software, an iPhone can be unlocked very easily.

However, it’s much more harder these days as Apple is doing their best to patch all possible exploits and vulnerabilities.

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The ICCID is short for Integrated Circuit Card Identifier – A SIM card contains its unique serial number ICCID. An R-SIM is a third party device with the size of micro-SIM that you place together with the SIM card.

By using the new ICCID exploit, the iPhone can be unlocked even without using the R-SIM.

If you manage to get hold of an R-SIM, then simply follow the following steps. You can order one here.

How to Unlock Blacklisted iPhone using R-SIM and Changing ICCID

1. Insert a non-official SIM card into the locked iPhone.

2. On the dial pad, dial this number: *5005*7672*99#

3. Edit the ICCID and type 8901-4104-2778-0604-3133.

4. Restart your iPhone and follow the steps on the screen.

5. Go back to Home screen and remove the R-SIM. Re-insert the non official SIM card.

It’s that simple but do note it’s not a permanent unlocking solution. You’ll need to repeat the steps above if the device is restarted. If the ICCID doesn’t work, you can get fresh ICCIDs here.

Unless if you get to unlock your iPhone officially, updating to future iOS may patch this exploit so proceed with caution.

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