Unlock, Untethered Jailbreak & Preserve iPhone 3GS Baseband with iOS 6.1 Custom Firmware

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If you don’t work on fixing iPhones daily, you tend to forget some of the jailbreaking/unlocking steps which you have done on your iPhone 3GS. Here’s your super-guide.

I’m sure you’re already aware that the untethered jailbreak for iOS 6.1 is already out – which is great. However, we are now waiting for Dev Team and ih8snow to release their latest tools ih8sn0w has just released sn0wbreeze 2.9.8 to allow you to build custom firmware for iOS 6.1. While we’re waiting for them to work on their magic, save this page because I’ll update this as soon as the tools are available.

We still receive quite a number of broken 3GS so we will continue to support this old device for as long as Apple still provide updates for it. It’s old but not forgotten.

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A few important things to note:

  • If you’re new to iPhone jailbreaking and unlocking, the reason why you need to preserve your baseband is to allow it to be unlocked with ultrasn0w. This will sound very confusing at first, so follow each step carefully.
  • Before you begin, please be sure that you have downgraded your baseband to 5.13.04 if you still have the dreaded iPad baseband 6.15.00
  • If you have an AT&T iPhone, unlock it permanently using this.
  • If you updated to iOS 6.1 which changed your baseband to 5.16.08, unfortunately you need to install the iPad baseband 6.15.00 first in order to downgrade it to 5.13.04.
  • Already running on iOS 6.0.1 or 6.0? Go to Cydia and install evasi0n 6.x Untether.

WARNING: Proceed at your own risks. If unsure, feel free to ask or leave your comments below. Not all iPhone 3GS can be unlocked using ultrasn0w, I won’t go through the details here so learn why here.

How to Unlock and Jailbreak Untethered iPhone 3GS iOS 6.1 using Custom Firmware

1. Build custom iOS 6.1 using sn0wbreeze 2.9.8 by following the instructions here.

2. Use iREB or redsn0w to pawn DFU your iPhone 3GS. If you don’t do this, your iPhone 3GS won’t be able to take custom iOS and iTunes will give you an error message.

3. Restore to custom iOS 6.1 you just built in using iTunes by pressing shift+restore on Windows or option+restore on Mac. Point it to the custom firmware you just built.

4. Wait for the restore to complete. Once the restore is done, your iPhone will boot up normally. Go through the activation steps (if needed). The jailbreak should have ‘hacktivated’ your iPhone 3GS.

5. Now you’ll need to unlock it with ultrasn0w fixer for iOS 6.1, since the official ultrasn0w is currently not available. Ultrasn0w Fixer for iOS 6.1 supports older basebands only (sigh):

iPhone 4

  • 01.59.00

iPhone 3GS

  • 04.26.08
  • 05.11.07
  • 05.12.01
  • 05.13.04
  • 06.15.00

Everything else is not supported.

How to Install Ultrasn0w 1.2.8 Fixer to Unlock iOS 6.1 with Preserved Baseband

1. Install Ultrasn0w Fixer for 6.1 package by launcing Cydia, tap on Manage > Source > Edit > and Add the following source:


2. Tap on Search and look for Ultrasn0w Fixer 6.1. Tap and install it.

3. Tap on Search again and install official Ultrasn0w 1.2.7 1.2.8. If you can’t find it, add this source:


4. Reboot your iPhone once the installation is complete. If all goes well you should get your carrier signal by now.

If there’s anything unclear, leave your comments below.

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  1. Thank you,it work. iPhone 3GS 6.1 basband 5.13.4. after restore please skip 'ultrasn0w fix' otherwise you will get 'no service'

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