USB Programmer Allows You to Program Your Own Turbo SIM for Any Future iOS Updates

(Last Updated On: July 24, 2019)

So you bought yourself a Turbo SIM to unlock your iPhone 4 and found out that it’s not working… Very frustrating. How about for future iOS 5 updates? Would your Turbo SIM work?

We are now giving you the option to program and update your own Turbo SIM, making it future proof.

The Turbo SIM programmer package comes with:

1. An updatable Turbo SIM

2. USB programmer
3. Binary (BIN) files – the software for Turbo SIM to work

  • iPhone activation file for AT&T iPhone 4 – this allows the Turbo SIM to activate your iPhone if you don’t have the original carrier SIM
  • Gevey Supreme BIN file (no jailbreak required)
  • Gevey Ultra BIN file (jailbreak required)

Our supplier is already testing this on the latest iPhone 4s/5. Remember a photo that was circulating on the web yesterday? That was from our supplier. Here’s another shot of it. They explained that the logic board is an actual iPhone 4s/5 board with A5 processor; the screen and battery used were from an iPhone 4’s.

When you purchase a Turbo SIM we believe that it should be yours completely.

This is available for pre-order in the next few days.


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