4 Reasons T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S9 Get Blacklisted or Blocked and How to Fix

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Find out the 4 reasons why T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S9 get blacklisted or blocked and ways to fix it by removing the blacklist.


The latest T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus are a beautiful smartphone and it’s absolutely awesome to own one. However, if you purchased one that is blacklisted, you might be wondering why did that happen in the first place.

Before we proceed, perhaps it’s ideal to understand why there’s such thing as blacklisted smartphone. Prior to 2013, during the boom of sales of smartphones around the world, they were huge target of smartphone thieves. This led to an alarming number of smartphones being stolen especially in USA.

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In order to contain this problem, the authority in the US setup a centralized database to blacklist smartphones. Once blacklisted, the smartphone cannot be used on any carrier or activated to be used or resell. The blacklist is done through its IMEI which is a unique identifier on the smartphone.

Here are the four reasons why it happened and possible ways to fix this issue.

4 Reasons T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S9 Get Blacklisted or Blocked

1. Reported Lost

This is one of the most common reasons why a Samsung Galaxy S9 gets blocked by the carrier when a user reported the phone as lost. It’s also possible that a phone is lost during transit or delivery through packages.

2. Reported Stolen

Thieves often target this type of phone due to its high price. The owner usually reports to the carrier and it gets blocked or blacklisted immediately.

3. Unpaid Bills

There are users who have purchased the device but didn’t pay the bills. This will cause the device to be blocked on the network.

4. Fraud

Some dishonest buyers may use fraudulent methods to purchase the Samsung Galaxy S9. Device with this status has high level blockage which makes it harder to fix it.

How to Verify if Samsung Galaxy S9 is Blacklisted or Blocked by T-Mobile?

If you have a T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S9 which you is blacklisted, you can verify it on T-Mobile’s website. They have a free checker that allows you to check the status online and returns the result instantly. The various possible status is based on the reasons stated above.

Go to the link below and enter the 15-digit IMEI:


Enter the Captcha code and you will get the result.

How to Fix¬†Samsung Galaxy S9 that’s Blacklisted or Blocked by T-Mobile?

There’s no software available to fix this issue because the blacklist is done on the database. The only way to fix it is to get the blacklist removed on the database. This can be done using a paid service here. It’s done remotely without the need to ship your phone.

Getting a blacklisted T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S9 can cause a huge headache for the buyer. This always happened when it’s purchased online. While it’s possible to fix it, it’s best to always check the status first before buying the device although the blacklist can happen at any time after the phone is sold.

Fix Blacklisted T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S9 Now

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