AT&T iPhone Free Tool to Check if it’s Under AT&T Next Contract or Blacklisted/Lost/Stolen

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Before buying a used AT&T iPhone, it’s highly recommended to check its status on the carrier database to determine if it’s under AT&T Next Contract or Blacklisted/Lost/Stolen. Use this free automated tool.

Everyone loves free stuff, so we’re offering free checker for you before buying any AT&T iPhone.

In case you found this article by accident consider yourself lucky because you’ll have an opportunity to check an AT&T iPhone without having to spend a penny. The result is generated directly from AT&T’s database.

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Is this a gimmick? Absolutely not. However, there are a few things you need to do in order to get the check for free. The instructions are shown below.

1. Go to (which is our wholesale unlocking server), and register for your free account.

2. Wait for the activation link sent to your email.

3. Once you receive it, activate your account and login to

4. Send an email to to request for your free credits.

5. We will add your free credits within 1-24 hours (normally within a few hours). Now that you have free credits, you can order the checker service

How to Place Your Free Checker Order?

1. You login to, and click on Place Order.

2. From the list of available Services, select Service 111# USA AT&T – iPhone Blacklist/Contract/Fraud Checker under ‘Promo and New Services’. The cost and delivery time will be displayed. Enter your iPhone IMEI and hit Place Order. (Your IMEI can be found in your iPhone under Settings > General > About).

3. That’s it! Then all you do is wait for the status of your order to show as ‘complete’ or ‘success’ etc within the specified time frame. Normally you will get a reply within 0 to 24 hours delivered to your mailbox.

Knowing the status of your iPhone will save you a lot of headaches later.

The following status determines whether you should buy the used AT&T iPhone or not:

  • DEVICE UNDER AT&T NEXT SERVICE CONTRACT – can be unlocked here or order a service on our wholesale site, contact us if unsure
  • LOST/STOLEN – blacklisted by carrier, will not work in USA even if unlocked
  • FRAUD – blacklisted by carrier, will not work in USA even if unlocked
  • Unlocked – in some cases, the check will show that your iPhone is already unlocked
This service works for all models including the latest iPhone. Follow this link to get started!
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