How to Buy Cheap Blacklisted iPhone in USA without Getting Screwed

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So you want to buy a cheap but blacklisted iPhone in USA that has a bad IMEI? Find out what’s the best way to buy it without running into issues.


We all love great deals online because they can help us make the most for our money.

A few years ago, all the carriers in USA have started working together on blacklisting iPhone that are reported lost, stolen, missing or if it has unpaid bills.

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In other words, these are iPhones with bad IMEI.

Due to this, iPhones that are blacklisted cannot be used on any carrier in the USA and sometimes at some South American countries such as Brazil.

Most of the time, a blacklisted iPhone is sold at amazingly low price.

However, some people are not aware the implications of buying a blacklisted iPhone due to impulse purchase.

We have encountered people who got screwed after mistakenly buying such iPhone.

We would like to share with you on how to properly purchase a blacklisted iPhone so that you can still use it not just in USA but also elsewhere in the world.

How to Buy Cheap Blacklisted iPhone in USA without Getting Screwed

The following tips are written based on our experience handling with blacklisted iPhone.

1. Find out the Carrier

Firstly, it’s important to find out which carrier the iPhone is locked to.

There’s also a possibility that the iPhone is already unlocked.

The 4 biggest carriers are AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon. There are some other smaller carriers as well.

2. Check the IMEI Status

What IMEI status do you need to check exactly? This is when you check whether it’s blacklisted or not.

iPhone that’s not blacklisted is known as clean device, clean IMEI or good IMEI.

There are free tools available online for you to check the status. Most US carriers have made their tools available online:

3. Check the Unlock Eligibility

Most USA iPhones can be unlocked but it’s subject to the carrier policy.

Lately, AT&T and Sprint have updated their unlocking policies which delay the unlocking process.

Those who have purchased unlocking service from one of these carriers need extreme patience especially if they are reported lost or stolen.

4. Check the iCloud Activation Status

This is extremely important. If you buy an iPhone that needs activation using iCloud account, there’s a risk that you can never use it.

Check with the seller if the iCloud activation has been removed or deactivated.

Otherwise, it will be very costly to remove the iCloud.

5. iPhone Blacklist Removal Eligibility

iPhone from the following carriers can have the blockage or blacklist removed using the services here.

T-Mobile blacklist removal service currently has the best turnaround time.

Our Recommendation – What’s the Best Carrier to Buy a Blacklisted iPhone?

After handling iPhones for the past 7 years, we recommend that you get an iPhone that is locked to T-Mobile USA without getting screwed.

This is because it’s possible to remove the blacklist in a timely manner; normally within 24 hours. The unlock service is also very stable and fast.

After removing the blacklist, the T-Mobile iPhone is eligible to be unlocked permanently even if it’s financed or has unpaid bills.

All the information above is valid as at June 2018.

We hope that you find this article in time before making your purchase of blacklisted iPhone. If you find this article useful, please share it!

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