Fast UK O2 Blacklisted Phone Unbarring Service is Temporarily Back

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2020)

If you have an iPhone or Android smartphone, the UK O2 blacklisted phone unbarring service is temporarily back online to remove it from carrier blacklist.


Many bargain hunters are regularly caught by surprise when purchasing a used iPhone or Android phones such as a Samsung Galaxy due to the device being blocked or blacklisted by the carrier.

In the UK and most countries in Europe have been blocking or blacklisting devices if they’re reported lost, stolen or missing. It was done much earlier than USA.

In the UK, the blacklist database check is called checkmend. It’s a paid service to query the status of any device to determine its status.


Each device has a unique identifier which is called the International Mobile Equipment Identity or IMEI. Whenever a carrier blacklists a device, the IMEI will be used.

When the iPhone or Android phone tries to connect to a UK network, the carrier will cross check the IMEI on the database. If it’s marked as blacklisted, the phone will show as ‘no service.’

This is one of the most common issues encountered by people who buy used devices. It can be an expensive lesson for them because normally there’s no way to remove the blacklist of the device unless it’s done by the carrier.

There are some possible options if you don’t wish to remove the blacklist or unbar the phone. We’ve listed out 13 things you can do with blacklisted iPhone not too long ago.

Unbarring the O2 iPhone or Android will remove it from carrier blacklist. No hacking or jailbreaking is needed. You won’t need to download or install any software too.

The steps to unbar UK O2 iPhone are outlined below:

1. Get your 15-digit IMEI of your device e.g. on an iPhone it’s under Settings, General, About. On Android device press *#06# (this also works on iPhone).

2. Verify that your iPhone or Android device IMEI is blacklisted using checkmend service or this service here.

3. If it’s confirmed blacklisted, you can use the UK O2 unbarring service. Your 15-digit device IMEI is needed for this service.

4.  The service takes around 3-10 UK business days (no weekends).

5. An email will be sent to you to confirm that the blacklist is removed.

6. Turn on the iPhone or Android phone and you should get a working signal.

Do note this service also works for Android smartphones for as long as they are on UK O2 network.

Please be sure to check your email regularly including your spam or junk folder when ordering the above service. You can verify it by using the checkmend service if needed.

This exclusive service is temporarily back so wait no more! Get your O2 iPhone or Android phone blacklist removed here while it’s still online.

If you just need to unlock it for use outside of UK, you can order the unlock here.

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