How to Fix and Unlock Blacklisted iPhone 11 Pro on Any Carrier

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The New iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11

Apple is getting back the traction and limelight with the recent introduction of the iPhone 11. Despite stiff competition from the market, Apple once again prove that they are the leading smartphone maker with innovative features.


The Apple keynote that happened a few weeks ago got everyone excited and the sales of the new iPhone 11 are picking up all over the world. In the last few launches, there were no queues but it seems now the trend is back again whereby Apple fans are heading to the nearest Apple Store to get their hands on the latest iPhone.

Buying the new iPhone 11 though will cost a bomb and there are certain measures you need to take for you to enjoy the new iPhone for as long as possible. The iPhone 11 is already a hot commodity and it will definitely become a target for thieves, network and contract abuse.

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This means there are potential risks that the iPhone will be blacklisted and cannot be used. Firstly, let’s go through some concepts to let you understand on blacklisted iPhone 11.

What is the IMEI number on iPhone 11?

if you’ve never encountered with a blacklisted iPhone before, you would not be exposed to the idea of IMEI. An IMEI number is short for ‘’International Mobile Equipment Identity”. Each iPhone 11 that’s produced will have this unique number or identifier. Just like a social security number.

It has between 14 to 16 digit. Normally on iPhone, they start with the number 3xx. In the earlier iPhone models, they started with 01x. In the US, they are also known as ESN or MEID. The main reason the IMEI was introduced is for security purposes due to potential risk and abuse by the users.

How to View the IMEI Number

Getting the IMEI number of iPhone 11 is easy. Every device has its own unique IMEI number on the iPhone 11 box just around the bar code area. Another simple way to get the IMEI number is to dial *#06# on the iPhone dial pad. As soon as you’ve typed this, the IMEI will be shown.

Understanding a Blacklisted iPhone 11

iPhone 11 is considered blacklisted when the IMEI associated with the iPhone is added into a certain blacklist database. The database can either owned by carrier or by Apple itself. Once the IMEI is blacklisted, it is considered as blocked, has a bad ESN or bad MEID. In many countries, the blacklist database is shared with all carriers. For instance, if it’s blocked on AT&T, it will also be blocked on T-Mobile.

There are several reasons why an iPhone 11 can be blocked or blacklisted. The most common one if the initial owner has unpaid or outstanding bills. This is not the most severe and normally the iPhone can still be used on other carrier. Another reason is if the iPhone 11 is reported to the carrier as either lost or stolen. If the iPhone 11 is used in illegal activities, it can be blacklisted as well. Fraud related reason such as using a stolen credit card to buy the iPhone 11 could cause it to be blacklisted as well.

How does iPhone 11 Get Blacklisted in USA?

As stated earlier, carriers will have their own blacklisted database to keep track of status of iPhone 11. Any complaints made by the original owner of the iPhone 11 will get an iPhone blacklisted quite immediately by the carrier. This is to avoid potential damage or unauthorized use or sale of a blacklisted iPhone.

There also instances when the owner sold the iPhone 11 and then report it as lost to the insurance company. This is one of the most common ways people are abusing the system. Meanwhile, those who purchased the iPhone 11 can only use the phone for a few days before it gets blacklisted.

South American countries such as Brazil are sharing database with the US carriers especially from AT&T. This is due to past issues when many iPhones from the US that were blacklisted got exported to Brazil.

How to check the IMEI Blacklist Status of iPhone 11

If you want to buy a second hand iPhone 11 Pro you must be vigilant. You need to ensure that you check the blacklist status of the second hand device and ensure that it is clean before you purchase. However, there are some instances when you buy a second hand iPhone online where you cannot touch or even check for the blacklist status before it is delivered.

In this case, you need to check the status on delivery and act accordingly. If there is no way to return the iPhone for a refund, then invest in a very reliable blacklist unlock service.

The first thing in checking the blacklist status is to get the IMEI Number of your phone. Dial *#06# on the dial pad and the IMEI Numbers will be displayed on the screen. Send the IMEI number to us and we will check the status of your iPhone XS models in less than a day.

So is there a Fix or Unlock for Blacklisted iPhone 11 Pro?

This is one of the questions that we usually get here. Once someone realizes that their iPhone is blacklisted, the first thing that cross their mind is how to fix it. For the question above, the answer is yes, there is a way you can fix a blacklisted iPhone and start using it again.

Those people who buy iPhone devices on the street or from some of the online marketplaces such as eBay or Craigslist usually notice too late that their iPhone are blacklisted. One thing that you should bear in mind is that blacklisted iPhone devices cannot be used with other SIM Cards. This means that if you do not take appropriate measures, you will just be here with an iPod touch.

If you bought an iPhone device on the street or online and it turned up to be blacklisted, do not worry because we have a solution for you. I know the experience is heart breaking but happily, there are ways to unlock a blacklisted iPhone 11 Pro.

Ways to unlock a Blacklisted iPhone 11 Pro

Majority of the people think that they can unlock the device on their own but the reality of the matter is that there’s no way to do that. The Blacklist status can only be removed through a verified IMEI unlock service.

Use the Unlock Blacklisted iPhone 11 Service

This is one of the best methods of getting your iPhone in use. This service supports all iPhone models and all iOS Versions. For this reason, you can get help with your new iPhone 11.  However, you should bear in mind that this service will not remove the blacklist status. However, you are able to use the iPhone on mobile networks that are outside the country where it was locked.

In order to complete the Order of Unlock blacklisted iPhone service, you have to follow the below steps.

  • Get the iPhone 11’s IMEI number by dialing *#06#
  • Go to the Store and request a unlock blacklisted iPhone service.
  • Make your payments with PayPal. PayPal is the safest method of making International Payments and hence that’s the reason why this service supports it as the payment mode. You will be allowed to wait for some time for the whole process to be finalized. You can order here to get your blacklisted iPhone 11 fixed remotely. The process of fixing the iPhone11 is safe and will not void the warranty. The other thing you should note with this service is that there’s no need to ship your device.

How to check if the iPhone 11 Pro is Unblocked or Unlocked

There are several things that you can do and verify that your iPhone device is unlocked. After you choose your plan, you are usually assigned a specific time plan. For this reason, you need to verify that the iPhone is unblocked after the time has expired. The easiest way to do so is to insert a new SIM card. Remember we had already stated that a Blacklisted iPhone device will not show any signals?

Now after the device has been unblocked it will be ready for use. I mean that it will detect a SIM card and show ‘’signal on’’ status. It will be able to make calls and receive SMS and Notifications. However, remember we said that this service doesn’t remove the blacklisting status? Well, for this reason you need to ensure that the SIM card you insert is from a different carrier.

If you insert a SIM card from another carrier you are likely to get a notification that the ‘’the iPhone has a SIM card from a different carrier’’. Make a call and if it goes through, then your iPhone 11 is unblocked and ready for use.

Which Networks Can I Use After the iPhone 11 is Unlocked or Unblocked?

After the device has been unlocked or unblocked, you will have an opportunity to use other networks apart from the one in the specific country where the device was blacklisted. If the new iPhone 11 Pro is blacklisted in the UK, then you can request for unblocking service and use it in all the other networks outside of the UK.

Can you Trade in a Blacklisted iPhone 11 to Apple

Due to the blacklisted status, it’s very unlikely that Apple will trade in a blacklisted iPhone 11. Unless if you manage the clear the blacklist status and verified by third party checkers. There are some sites out there who may be willing to take your iPhone 11 and sell it as spare parts if the blacklist cannot be lifted.

Are there other Alternatives?

If you cannot afford to purchase the Blacklisted iPhone Unlock service or if you think that this is the last step you will make, then there are a couple of alternatives that you can choose.

Try and reach the original owner

The first thing that should cross your mind is to try and reach the original owner. If you personally know him or her, then you can reach them for a refund or even ask them to contact the carrier for unblocking. If they can be able to prove that the device belongs to them, then the carrier will not hesitate to unlock the device. It is possible to reach the original owner, then you can save a lot of money.

However, you may find yourself between a hard place and a rock if you bought this device online. Majority of the sellers there are trying to sell stolen or lost iPhone devices and hence it may be difficult to locate and communicate to the original owner.

Contact the Carrier for Assistance

If you are not able to get the original owner of the iPhone 11 Pro, the other optional way to reach him or her is to contact the carrier for assistance. They may not be able to reveal the details but they may help you get an insight why the device was blacklisted and eventually help you reach the original owner for assistance. You can either contact the owner or have the iPhone 11 returned if it was lost or stolen.

Get the IMEI Cleaned or Unblocked

There are several carriers out there which can offer services to clean the IMEI or ESN.  What this means is that you can request your carrier for help. On the other hand, there are several companies that offer IMEI or ESN cleaning services. Both options will cost you but they are worth it.

Sell the iPhone 11 Pro Internationally

If the iPhone 11 Pro has been blacklisted in the USA, it can still be used in other countries except if the database is shared with the US carrier database. For this reason, you can sell your iPhone 11 Pro internationally on sites such as eBay to reduce your loss.

Unblacklist IMEI Software for iPhone 11

Using a software to unblacklist an iPhone 11 may sound viable because it’s non-intrusive, no hardware modification and everything is done through a software. While this may be possible many years ago, this method to unblacklist is no longer available. This is due to the hardware security is more complicated to be hacked or modified.

Final Say on Blacklisted iPhone 11 Pro

I know it can be tiring and confusing after purchasing a blacklisted iPhone device. Don’t worry so much anymore. Someone out there underwent through the same situation and their problem was solved. There are still a vast collection of solutions available for you.

It’s up to you whether you want to get the iPhone cleaned and sell it to another country, get it unblocked and retain it for use or just ask for a refund. Our online store has got your covered. Now browse our online store to get your iPhone unlocked, even if it’s blocked or blacklisted.

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