Free Unlock Guide for AT&T iPhone (12/11/XS/XR/X/8/7/6)

(Last Updated On: October 4, 2020)

I wrote this guide to share free unlock methods (and paid) for AT&T iPhone of any model and status.


A locked iPhone can be a pain because it doesn’t allow you to switch carriers freely when others are offering better services or packages.

Similarly, US carrier AT&T sells their iPhones locked so that you’ll stay with them within a stipulated time. 

Most of the time, customers who have fully paid their commitments are still stuck with the same carrier and not able to take advantage of better deals offered by other carriers.

This leads to consumers constantly looking for new solutions to unlock their AT&T iPhones.

I’ll share some pointers on how to unlock your AT&T iPhone using the simplest method available.

Why the Need to Unlock an AT&T iPhone?

Although this seems pretty obvious, but why do people want to unlock the AT&T iPhone? Earlier I’ve shared with you on the reasons but here are some more detailed explanation.

  • Better price when selling. Locked iPhone is not as appealing as an unlocked iPhone for obvious reasons. It’s also being highly sought after everywhere around the world.
  • Switch carriers easily. Once an iPhone is unlocked, you can change SIM card as much as you wish.
  • Better deals and packages. The telco industries are very competitive. The deal you got last year is probably no longer attractive as the operators always upgrade their plans to attract customers.

Is it Really Possible to Unlock AT&T iPhone for Free?

We love freebies and of course when you found this article, you have been searching for ways to unlock your AT&T iPhone without paying a cent. It’s not impossible but I have to say it’s going to be a challenge.

AT&T iPhone Unlock Pre-requisites

The following are some basic requirements to unlock your AT&T iPhone but AT&T may have additional requirements to unlock it. 

  • The iPhone is locked to AT&T and has been on the network
  • It’s not reported lost, stolen or any fraud activities
  • The iPhone must be under your own AT&T
  • If under contract or plans, they must be paid
  • Pay any early termination fees if under contract

Again, I’m letting you know that these are just basic requirements.

Checking the Blacklist Status of Your AT&T iPhone (Reported Stolen or Lost)

In case you purchased a used or second hand iPhone on the internet, if you weren’t careful, the iPhone may be blacklisted by the carrier.

But, having said that, there are also people who have been very careful but still get cheated when the original owner reports the iPhone as lost or stolen one or two weeks later.

1. Go to this website and go to Phone Check choose Check Blacklist (Premium).

2. Submit your IMEI.

3. You’ll receive a copy of your report for device blacklist status like the one below.


The blacklist information is the most important one. Be sure to get back to this website for further instructions and to get the best service.

AT&T iPhone Unlock Steps

I’ll now share with you on how to unlock your AT&T iPhone with instructions. There are two ways to do it as explained below.

Free Method #1 — Make Official Unlock Request on AT&T’s Website

This is done by sending your request using an online form to AT&T.

1. Launch the AT&T device unlock page and tap on “Unlock your device”.

2. Enter your AT&T phone number (or IMEI if you don’t have it).

3. Fill up the online form.

4. Check your email to confirm that you authorized the unlock request.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, AT&T has strict guidelines and requirements for you to fulfil in order for you to be approved of the unlock. If that doesn’t work continue reading for 100% working solution.

Free Method #2 — Speak or Chat with AT&T Customer Support Representative

If filling up forms online is not your thing, you can try calling their customer support/opening an online chat and ask for your iPhone to be unlocked.

The support rep will take you through the steps based on their standard operating procedure.

Since you’re speaking to them directly, do prepare your questions in advance.

How to Unlock AT&T iPhone using Third Party Service?

If all fails and you’re not sure what else to do, here’s the best part – it’s still possible to unlock it with 100% working solution using third party unlocking service.

We’re sharing the top unlocking websites for you to choose from, so that you don’t have to waste more time to get your AT&T iPhone unlocked.

All the suggested websites below have the same steps, you submit your IMEI under Settings > General > About, make payment and wait for the confirmation that your iPhone is unlocked.

DirectUnlocks – World’s #1 Unlocking Service

They are the world leader in iPhone unlocking and have constantly delivering results.


  • Clearly the world leader in iPhone unlocking
  • AT&T iPhone unlock specialist can be done in a few hours and the cheapest too
  • Fast turnaround time (mostly 24 hours or less)
  • They unlock any carrier worldwide
  • Possible to unlock blocked devices


  • Customer support takes up to 2 days to respond
  • Some next tether activation policies (US Flex etc) are not supported – USA Expert


  • Specializes in US iPhones
  • Fast unlocking service
  • Good customer support
  • Full refund guarantee


  • Limited carrier unlock choices
  • Cannot unlock blocked iPhones
  • Unclear unlocking instructions – Newest and Fastest Growing Service


  • Fastest growing unlocking service on the internet
  • Clear unlocking steps
  • Easy to order website
  • Also able to unlock iCloud
  • Wide range of Apple and Android unlocking services


  • Sometimes go beyond the promised time frame
  • Customer support quality inconsistent

Your Choice to Unlock AT&T iPhone

All of the services and websites above have performed well and the most reliable ones you can find on the internet. They are tested by us and experienced the customer support provided.

It’s now your choice on choosing the most suitable one for you.

Summary of AT&T iPhone Unlock

I’ve shared with you the guidelines on how to unlock your AT&T iPhone whether using the free method which may not be successful or paid method using third party service with high success.

Clearly, the third party services will save you time, effort and the headache. If you have anything to share please leave your comments below.

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