Unlock AT&T or Sprint iPhone that’s Not Paid Off

(Last Updated On: January 1, 2021)

Got an iPhone from AT&T or Sprint that’s not paid off? Continue reading this article on how to unlock it.

AT&T iPhone

AT&T / Sprint iPhone that’s Not Paid Off

There can be multiple reasons why you got an iPhone that is not paid off.

It can either be getting it online and not realising the status or simply we lost our job and unable to continue paying for the commitment.

iPhone that’s not paid off will be blocked by its original carrier and you won’t be able to use it.

It will be useful for you to note that T-Mobile has bought over Sprint so now all Sprint iPhone information has been merged on T-Mobile’s system.

Checking the Not Paid Off Status

In most cases, the status can be checked simply by calling the carrier. The customer support will be able to provide you the information for as long as you can provide proof of purchase.

Please refer the contact number below:

  • AT&T customer support – 800.331.0500 or 611 from a mobile device
  • T-Mobile / Sprint customer support – 1800-T-MOBILE

Another option is to use the online checker provided by AT&T or T-Mobile. Both checkers will provide status of your iPhone.

Can You Use Your iPhone that’s Not Paid Off on Another Carrier?

Here’s a good news. Even though it’s blocked on the original carrier, the blockage is not applicable on another carrier.

So if you’re able to unlock your iPhone, you can use another SIM card from a different carrier.

If the iPhone is blacklisted due to lost or stolen, you’ll need to clean it first before unlocking it.

What is the Solution?

As stated earlier, the only way is to unlock your iPhone so that you can switch to another carrier.

In case you’re not using an iPhone, the unlock can be requested through AT&T or Sprint / T-Mobile but you’ll be provided with network unlock code.

For iPhone, if the carrier agrees to unlock (which unlikely), it will be done remotely and you’ll get a notification once the unlock is done on Apple database.

Then, all you need to do is to change SIM card.

Is it Legal to Unlock Not Paid Off iPhone?

Mobile operators or service providers want to make it hard for you to unlock your iPhone.

Even if you get to unlock it, you’re still obligated to pay any outstanding amount of the device.

Otherwise, it will affect your credit rating.

Currently there is no law that governs unlocking.

However, in August of 2014 that states that the Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act allowed cell phone unlocking by consumers that superseded the DMCA act.

Steps to Unlock AT&T or Sprint iPhone that’s Not Paid Off

In case you opt to use a third party service that will provide you the highest success rate to unlock your iPhone, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Get your device IMEI/MEID under Settings > General > About.
  2. Order the unlock service from our online store
  3. Wait for the updates through email
  4. Switch carrier SIM card

Normally the unlock is done in 1 to 3 work days depending on the status of your iPhone on the database.


We always want options especially for the devices that we own. However, if we’re caught in this situation, it’s still possible to unlock it.

Simply follow the steps outlined above, you’re good to go! The service works for any Sprint smartphones.

Order the remote unlocking service on our Online Store.


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