Use this Free Tool to Check if Your AT&T iPhone’s Contract Status for Cheap Unlock

(Last Updated On: August 3, 2020)

Use this free online tool to check your AT&T iPhone status to perform AT&T iPhone unlock service.


We all love free online tools – use this free tool from as shown below that allows you to check the contract status to unlock your AT&T iPhone.

Why Check your AT&T iPhone

If you’re not the original owner of an iPhone, it would be good to find out some basic information about your iPhone such as the date of it was purchased, warranty information, activation information, carrier and the contract status.

The contract status becomes important these days because some unlocking services require that the iPhone to be out-of-contract.

However, nowadays any AT&T iPhone can be unlocked using a third party service such as outs.

When this article was written in 2014, unlocking was so much simpler and there was limited restrictions.

As time evolves, getting an AT&T iPhone unlocked is much challenging and has new sets of requirements by the carrier.

How to Check if your AT&T iPhone or is In-Contract or Out-of-Contract?

1. First go to

2. In the input box, enter your 15-digit IMEI without space. Your IMEI can be found under Settings > General > About.

IMEI status of your iPhone

3. Go ahead and click ‘Check!’

4. You will see a spinning wheel while the website queries your iPhone information from Apple’s database.

5. If your IMEI is valid, you should get the result as shown below. You won’t see any carrier information because , so you can either buy the carrier checking service from us.

Result of IMEI check

Please do note that this checker works best for earlier iPhone models. The latest iPhone 11, when we checked didn’t return any usable results besides the warranty information.

You can experiment with different sets of IMEIs, maybe an iPhone 8 or earlier models.

The tests that we performed returned some useful results, others not so.

So, What’s Next?

If you have an AT&T iPhone they can be unlocked using a special cheap service here. Most of you are aware that AT&T did something a couple of years back which made unlocking AT&T iPhone more costly and difficult.

However, the situation is much better now that even AT&T iPhone 11 or earlier can be unlocked at a lower cost. That’s for as long as it’s not blocked or blacklisted.

Official Unlock by AT&T

If your iPhone meets certain criteria, you can actually request an unlock online using this unlock request form by AT&T.

Everything is processed and done online without having to call or make a physical store visit.

However, as stated earlier, the requirements are quite high so chances are your unlock request may be rejected.

What’s Premium AT&T Unlock?

There’s a fast premium service to unlock AT&T iPhone that is under-contract, blacklisted or for whatever reason if it cannot be unlocked with a cheaper service – however, this service can be very erratic. Sometimes it works, and sometimes not.

You’ll need premium service because it’s the most expensive unlock available for AT&T. Since the service is not always available, it’s best that you consider unblacklisting it first (removing blocked status).

Similar to unlocking, this service removes the blacklist which then allows you to use a cheaper unlock service.

Summary of AT&T iPhone Check and Unlock

It’s always good to check your IMEI first and getting to know your device better, then you can choose the best service available out there to unlock your AT&T iPhone.

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