10 Frequently Asked Questions on Official IMEI Factory iPhone Unlock

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Here are your top 10 questions about making your iPhone factory unlocked.

1. What is an official IMEI factory iPhone unlock?

It’s an official unlock from Apple to allow your iPhone to accept or use any SIM card worldwide. The word ‘factory’ was commonly used for iPhones that are already officially unlocked when they came out of the factory. Each iPhone has a unique IMEI (unique identifier).

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2. Can I jailbreak my iPhone after it’s officially unlocked?

Yes. Don’t get confused between jailbreaking and unlocking. In the early days when official unlock was not available, you have to jailbreak an iPhone first to allow it to be unlocked. If you have an official unlock, you don’t need to hack the iPhone to unlock it.

3. What do I need to unlock my iPhone?

Once you received a confirmation from us, all you need is about 10 minutes of your time, the latest iTunes installed and an active internet connection. There’s no hack or dodgy software that you need to download or install. You do the unlock at the comfort of your own home or office, take a look at our customer’s video below:

4. What iOS or Baseband supported?

Since this is an official unlock by Apple, the iOS or baseband version is not relevant. It supports past, current and future iOS and baseband.

5. I don’t have the official carrier SIM card of my iPhone, can I still unlock it?

Absolutely. Once your iPhone is marked ‘unlocked’ in Apple’s database, you can activate and unlock your iPhone with any SIM card worldwide.

6. Will I lose my unlock if I update the iOS on my iPhone?

No. Once again, this is an official unlock from Apple. Once unlocked, you can update freely without having to worry about losing your unlock.

7. There are many websites or individuals who claim that they can unlock my iPhone. Are they real?

Many websites and individuals are selling free tools such redsn0w or sn0wbreeze. These are tools which are use for jailbreaking, not unlocking your iPhone. If you don’t have any technical knowledge, the process will be lengthy and frustrating. At the end of the day, it still doesn’t and won’t unlock your iPhone. Worst of all, you won’t get your money back. One example scam is this and this.

8. What are the steps to unlock my iPhone once it’s officially unlocked?

The steps are easy because they are designed and engineered by Apple. See the steps here (check out the comments sections for customer feedback).

9. Why are some carriers cost more to unlock?

The unlock is done by different unlocking servers around the world. Some carriers have only a few unlocking server operating thus driving up the cost. However, many unlocking options are still considered ffordable and cost effective.

10. How do I make sure that your service is legitimate?

  • We have been in the business since 2007, the same year when the iPhone was first introduced. We know the iPhone inside out.
  • We accept PayPal as a method of payment which means your purchase is 100% protected.
  • Many unlocking websites don’t accept PayPal because they constantly run into issues with their customers. PayPal will freeze accounts of merchants if they have a lot of disputes. Tip: If they don’t accept PayPal, be prepared to take the risk. Here’s one example of a Japanese customer using an unlocking solution from another website but having trouble getting his money back for not using PayPal.
  • We have unlocked too many iPhones especially AT&T iPhones and we work directly with our partners who are based in California, USA:

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