33 Amazing Features and Updates You Should Know about Apple iOS 12

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Apple has recently released iOS 12 beta to the public and it included dozens of new features so here we compiled 33 amazing new features and updates you should know about.

33 Amazing Features and Updates iOS 12

Once you’ve installed iOS 12, you’ll notice many changes within the iOS covering all the different native apps. Some of the features are more subtle than others but we’d like to take the opportunity to highlight these 30 amazing features on iOS 12.

33 Amazing Features and Updates You Should Know about Apple iOS 12

Here are all the features compiled below.

i. Group FaceTime

You can now talk with up to 32 people with Group FaceTime. It even allows enterprises to use this for meetings. Your image will be shown on the small boxes on your screen, when people speak their photos will show as bubble. Existing group chat on Messages can be changed into Group FaceTime.

ii. Memoji

This is one of the most anticipated features on iOS 12. Memoji is an updated version of Apple’s Animoji which allows you to create lifelike avatar on iPhone X. Besides being yourself, you can be an animal, ghost, dinosaur etc.

iii. Screen Time

Spending too much time on your phone? Apple has the answer to this similar to Android P. You’ll get a summart of how much time you spend on your device. You’ll have the ability to set limits and you’ll be warned when time is up. This is definitely parents would love to have controls on their kids.

iv. Password Autofill

Apple provides access to a new API to allow third-party password managers to fill passwords automatically in iOS 12.

v. Photos App Enhacements

In an effort for Apple to catch-up with Google Photos, the iOS 12 photos app will have sharing suggestions, search events, people, places, categories, groups and also most recent searches.

vi. Siri Shortcuts

Using iOS 12’s Shorcuts, phrases can be created to allow Siri to perform a series of tasks similar to Google or Alexa. For instance, simply by saying “Going home” will let Siri plan your commute and turn on your devices at home and play your favourite music.

vii. ARKit 2

Augmented Reality plays an important role in iOS 12. You’ll get support with ARKit 2 and brings the technology to apps such as Safari, Mail and News. During WWDC, it was shown that Apple News have images coming to life with the AR technology.

viii. Improved App Switcher

One of the toughest problems to address in terms of improving user experience, Apple is attempting to improve the app switcher. In iOS 12, you don’t have to long-press on an app card to wait for the X to close it. Simply swiping up will do.

viiii. SMS 2FA autofill

If you get a code via SMS it’s not possible to copy and paste it. iOS 12 can now help you autofill those codes for you so you no longer have to memorize or switch the app.

x. New iPad gestures

For iPad users, this is something they should looking forward to. Looks like home buttons will be phased out on all newer devices. Swiping up from the bottom screen will get you to home screen like the iPhone X. Swiping down from top-right corner of the screen will launch Control Center.

xi. CarPlay with Google Maps and Waze

Cars with CarPlay available will have Google Maps and Waze installed which will make nagivation a breeze. This was announced by Apple.

xii. Apple TV on Control Centre

Apple TV users will be able to add Apple TV tile into the Control Center in iOS 12. This allows users to access it via the Control Center and tapping it.

xiii. Rebuilt Stocks App

After so many years, Apple has finally decided to revamp and rebuild the Stocks app. It’s also made available on the iPad and users are able to view after-hours stock prices and will also have Apple News content that are related to investments and market news.

xiv. Improved Animations

During WWDC, Apple announced that iOS 12 will have a lot of enhancements in the performance on all iPhones and iPads. Launching the camera app and keyboard coming popping out are also faster. Apps will launch faster even if the device is under heavy load. Transitions and animations are also smoother which are pleasing for the eyes.

xv. Voice Memos on iPad and iCloud Sync

The Voice Memos app has been redesigned and will be available on iPad on iOS 12. All your voice recordings are made available on all devices via iCloud Sync.

xvi. More Battery Information

One of the biggest pain-points with any mobile device is the battery life. In iOS 12, it provides more information on battery which includes usage chart for the past 24 hours and up to 10 days. An app based specific report is also shown and usage on those periods of time can also be obtained.

xvii. iBooks Changed to Apple Books

Apple’s ebook app called iBooks is now known as Apple Books. The design of the app has also been updated to focus more discoverability. A new tab called Book Store allows anyone to explore new books or titles, similar to the music app on your iPhone.

xviii. Animoji Winks

During the WWDC 2018 keynote, Animoji can mimic your winks to make it appealing for younger users.

xviiii. Animoji with Tongue Detection

Similar to the winks, if you stick your tongue out, your Animoji will be able to mimic that as well. Another feature that’s meant for younger users.

xx. Siri is Available on More Apps

The integration of third party apps with Siri is improved so that quick actions can be carried out. An example would be saying something like “Hey Siri, my keys are lost” as an example shortcut built for the tracking device of Tile.

xxi. Shortcuts App

For power users this is a dream come true as Apple has introduced Shortcuts app that allows users to create multiple actions using a single and customized request with Siri. This is similar to what Amazon and Google has done before. The application will help iOS users to test drive this new feature.

xxii. Portrait Mode improvements

The camera is the center of any mobile device. After the dual lens in iPhone 7 Plus, the Portrait Mode effects have new improvements. The camera can now generate a mask when the person within the lens is detected and it can separate the person from the scene. In addition, a new API allows third-party developers to separate layers in a photo such as the foreground and the background.

xxiii. Better password features

Password is something we have to deal with every day. Since there are tons of sites and app that require you to enter your passwords, Apple has improved password features in iOS 12. It can now generate strong passwords and store them in Keychain. There’s also a warning system that will flag password that you reuse on multiple websites.

xxiv. Improved Overall Performance

Apple wanted to make your experience even better with the iOS 12 by improving it even more especially if you own older devices. On iPhone 6 Plus, apps launch faster and keyboards too. Camera can be launched 70% faster than on older iOS. If your device is under heavy load, apps will still launch quickly and at the same time improve and extend the battery life.

xxv. Measure App

In an effort to encourage the use of Augmented Reality, this new app called Measure allows you to measure objects or walls. Simply point your camera to the object, tap and drag a line, the app will measure it for you. Some other apps also offer this via the ARKit (mentioned above) but Apple created this and using more precise AR functionalities in iOS 12.

xxvi. Notifications

Too much clutter and information on your notifcations screen? iOS 12 will now group them together according to type that’s already available on Android.

As an example, when you receive WhatsApp notifications, instead of showing one whole line they will be shown in one stack. Swipe across whether to view or dismiss the notification. Manage is an option that let you customize the notifications.

On Manage, once tapped, a dialog will come up and it lets you choose whether to get the notifications delivered quietly or not shown at all. The quiet option will bypass the lock screen and nothing is shown including the banner. They will appear on notification center instead and on the app icon a badge will appear.

xxvii. Cellular Data Control

Carriers make money through cellular data so many users are caught unaware when their bills arrived. If you travel, you want to know how much data you use and want to be in control.

In iOS 12, Apple updated the way mobile data usage is shown. Normally it’s shown alphabetically but now it’s sorted by app usage so you’ll know which apps consume the most. It will show the exact amount of data used by the app.

You can also prevent apps to use mobile data and even prevent them from using WiFi. Apple wants you to control the way you use data differently.

xxviii. App Level Data Information

This new feature by Apple allows you to see which apps use your cellular data. This is the first time Apple adding this feature which can be seen under Settings. This way you can identify which apps use the most similar to the function to view which apps use the most battery life.

xviiii. Maps App Redesigned

In the maps app, it has been redesigned and plenty of bugs have been fixed including minor updates. The Maps engine has been improved with detailed maps including landmarks and greenery. Currently the new feature is only available when looking at the SF Bay Area but more places will be available soon. It’s planned that it will cover the whole of USA by end of 2019.

xxx. Location Data Shared with 911 and Emergency Responders

In order to help increase safety and security of iPhone users, the iOS 12 will share your location securely when you call 911. This gives emergency responders faster access to the person’s location. It uses Apple’s HELO technology that gives a rough estimation based on the cellular towers, WiFi and GPS. This is extremely crucial during an emergency.

xxxi. Improved Screenshots for iPhone X

In order to avoid screenshots from being taken accidentally, Apple has improved it in iOS 12. This issue is fixed by making it a requirement for your iPhone to be unlocked and the display is on when the screenshot is done. Hopefully, no more accidental screenshots from now on.

xxxii. Enhanced QR Code Reader

This was made the first time in iOS 11 but Apple wanted to improve it more in iOS 12. Currently in iOS 11, a notification will appear once your camera detects a QR code but in iOS 12, it will highlight for you. You can also add this onto the Control Center. There’s a possibility to integrate it with third-party apps.

xxxiii. Bedtime’s Do Not Disturb Mode

Most people waking up in the morning with a bunch of notifications on the lock screen. However, with the updated Do Not Disturb (DND) mode, all notifications are hidden until you turn off the DND mode.

Not only that, people frequently using DND mode often, you can even set an end time to the mode. Extremely useful for people who would like to get everything organized.


The iOS 12 has tons of new features and updates that will surely excite all iDevices users!

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