AT&T has Blocked Server API Access that May End Cheap AT&T iPhone Unlock

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If you’ve been enjoying cheap AT&T iPhone unlock over the past year, that may change soon because AT&T has started blocking access to their servers.

UPDATE: Read this article from WSJ. Our AT&T unlocking service still works great!

When AT&T iPhones were made available to public, officially unlocking them was impossible so the only way to unlock them was to jailbreak first. This is why hackers were inspired to develop iOS jailbreak and a software unlock called ultrasn0w that allows iPhones to be unlocked to be used on another carrier.

Later on, AT&T started to provide official unlock for off contract iPhones and eligible customers and military personnel. The process was quite easy and straightforward but this was probably one of the reasons why AT&T changed their policy after that due to abuse. Next, smartphone unlocking suppliers started to get direct access to AT&T servers (API access) that allows them to  automate the unlock process without having to go through AT&T staff.

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Many of our customers have enjoyed the fast AT&T iPhone unlock we offered for under $5. Unfortunately, since AT&T started updating their servers and blocked access to suppliers early this month, prices have gone up and down and many worldwide suppliers were affected. Some companies such as Applenberry who used to do it for $20, can no longer take orders as the item is now shown as ‘out of stock.’  Meanwhile one company won’t be taking new orders with the statement below:

“We have too many pending orders and will not process new unlocks this week. Sorry for any inconvenience.” 

It’s pretty obvious that no one can do it at the moment. Customers who have ordered from us earlier this week will start getting refund over the next few days. Those who ordered on the updated price will be processed normally and get done.

We understand a lot of resellers and smartphone shops have been using our excellent AT&T iPhone unlock service but due to the change with AT&T’s iPhone unlocking policy, we can no longer provide cheap and fast unlock for AT&T iPhones, it’s still possible but it won’t be cheap. We would suggest that you avoid using any other third party unlocking service who claims that they can do it, because 99% of them won’t be able to deliver as promised. This is also the time when scammers will start operating again and deceiving people about other ways of unlocking iPhones.

The good news is that other services are still working great such as our extremely popular Verizon ESN cleaning service, IMEI fix for UK T-Mobile/Orange/EE, blacklist checks and unlocks for other worldwide network. If you own a store or would like to earn money unlocking people’s phone, be sure to join our reseller program.

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