Beware: Switzerland Based ‘AppleSolution’ Company is a Scam Stealing People’s Money

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This is nothing personal, but something needs to be done to warn people who are based in Switzerland and nearby countries to be aware of this scam company called AppleSolution.

The person who runs this company goes with the name Tony Teixeira. About a month ago, he used our unlocking services for a France SFR iPhone and AT&T iPhone. After successful unlocks, he disputed with his bank that he did not authorize the payments.

You can use free IMEI checkers out there to verify that his two iPhones were successfully unlocked. The IMEIs are:

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  • 012650006463531
  • 012744000541192

Scammer AppleSolution has a Facebook page with zero followers, for obvious reasons. Their website is using images from our online Store although we are not so bothered by this.

This scammer has the following shipping/billing address:

Tony Teixeira
5, Chemin du Chateau
Geneve, Geneve, 1246
Phone 0783111760

The email addresses which are associated with this company are:


Last but not least, here’s the photo of the owner of this company (we have to blur his photo until we received confirmation from our friends in Switzerland that this is the right person).

We sincerely hope that if you have been doing business with this person or company, stop and think again. They will rip you off and steal your money.

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