Cam Translate China App Takes Photo of Chinese Characters or Text and Translate into English

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Coming to China and having trouble reading Chinese characters? Now there’s an app that can do the translation for you.

Cam Translate China is developed by AP Productions. The concept is not new but it is just a matter of time when more apps developers will produce apps like this.

Their Twitter profile mentioned that:

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The idea of Cam Translate China was born in a Subway restaurant in Beijing. How to order a sub of the day if the signs are in Chinese only? Problem. Solved.

Some of the features mentioned on their website:

  • Input methods: take photo directly, select picture from album or insert characters by the handwriting recognition
  • Advanced image editing functionality to enhance recognition accuracy
  • Optical Character Recognition trained especially for the Chinese character set
  • Character explanation with intelligent grouping, using a database with over a hundred thousand Chinese characters and expressions. No internet connection required!
  • Pinyin pronunciation including the tone marks
  • Online translation service (powered by Google Translate)
  • Manually edit the recognized text using the handwriting recognition

We haven’t tested this app yet but for just $2.99, it’s a steal. Visit their website here.

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