Could Be The New Budget iPhone Called iPhone 5C for “Color”?

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Here we go again… the rumors about the next generation iPhone. If this is true, the new “budget” iPhone will be called the iPhone 5C.

Summer is usually the time when iPhone rumors start to fly around. During the past few weeks, you and I have been hearing and reading about the planned budget iPhone from Apple.

The budget iPhone is rumored to come in bright colors, probably similar to the colors of current generation of iPod touch. If the rumor is true, this will be the first time ever that the iPhone will come in other colors beside the monotone colors e.g. slate/black/white. Therefore, based on the leaked photo above, could the letter “C” stand for Colors?

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No other smartphone manufacturers have gone down this route before, so, Apple, trying to be ahead of the game is making a risky decision by producing iPhones in multiple colors. Historically, Apple has always been successful when launching products in an untapped market before. This could be another one, and only time will tell.

Let’s just hope that the new iPhone won’t look too “cheap” considering they’re going to be a budget phone.

via MacRumors

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