Difficult to Unlock Blacklisted, Lost or Stolen AT&T iPhone Lately? Here’s Why.

(Last Updated On: June 27, 2020)

There’s a reason why if you find it very difficult to unlock blacklisted, lost or stolen AT&T iPhone lately and this issue seems to affect many people now.


Those who have purchased a blacklisted AT&T iPhone either knowingly or unknowingly are in for some difficult times ahead.

Firstly, it’s probably appropriate to understand more about the history of unlocking AT&T iPhone.

Back in 2008 when the first iPhone was introduced, it was locked to AT&T. However, no one expected a young hacker who came out of nowhere, hacked the iPhone by jailbreaking it and unlocked it for use on another carrier.

That took Apple by surprise.

Each new model was jailbroken and hacked by hackers until the iPhone 4.

Since then, it became very hard for the iPhone to be hacked and unlocked using software method.

In 2012, a new method of unlocking the AT&T iPhone directly on the AT&T database was made available.

It was the easiest way to unlock any AT&T iPhone but when it was first available in 2012, the price tag was over $200.

At the end of the same year, a source which we can’t mention here found a cheaper way to do it and thousands of AT&T iPhones were unlocked using that method.

Back then, it didn’t matter what was the iPhone’s status – whether it has unpaid bills or under contract. Everything can be done quickly within a few hours.

The first major challenge happened in 2015 when the main source was “caught” by law enforcement agencies and a lawsuit was created.

According to the document, the source was using the access of previous AT&T employees by implanting a third party software to allow the unlock to be performed.

The credentials or access may have been shared with a few more people around the world because when the US-based source lost the access, the AT&T unlock was still being performed albeit at much slower speed and higher prices.

Over the past few months, unlocking the AT&T iPhone has been more difficult, lengthy and prices would fluctuate crazily just like the stock market.

In most cases, this is happening on blacklisted AT&T iPhone – lost, stolen, fraud etc. If the device is clean e.g. paid bills, out of contract etc it can be unlocked at extremely low cost.

Although it’s still possible to unlock the AT&T despite whatever the status is, please do be prepared for a long wait or higher prices until a new method or access is discovered.

If you’re still considering about getting a US iPhone, we recommend that you get one from T-Mobile, because currently it’s the easiest and fastest to be unlocked.

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