Fast Factory IMEI Unlock for Verizon iPhone 5 Available for Limited Time

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If you have a Verizon iPhone 5, you can officially unlock it just like our extremely popular AT&T iPhone unlock. However, this won’t be available for long.

Back in the days, unlocking an iPhone requires jailbreaking. Various tools (software) were made available for free by hackers. However, the folks at Apple have been very vigorous in closing all possible exploits to prevent unlocking. If you’re a seasoned iPhone user, you probably know what I’m talking about.

The unlocking scene has been pretty “boring” nowadays. Hackers are probably no longer motivated like they used to. iPhone baseband hackers such as @MuscleNerd and @Sherif_Hashim were not able to make any unlock for iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 (even if they did, they probably didn’t want to release it).

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Then the official unlock for iPhones came along late last year and the rest is history. There are probably less people relying on a jailbreak to unlock their iPhone by now, because most people just want their iPhones to work as a phone.

Verizon iPhone 5 owners can now take advantage of this new unlocking service we are offering, but according to our suppliers, they may not be able to make this service available for long (but we’ll keep on pushing so that it can be made available permanently).

The unlocking steps for Verizon iPhone 5 is slightly different from AT&T iPhones, see the steps below:

1. Insert non-accepted SIM in iPhone e.g. AT&T, T-Mobile SIM card.

2. Restart your iPhone.

3. Open dialer, press *228 and press call button.

4. Connect to iTunes and your Verizon iPhone 5 will be unlocked.

If you have a Verizon iPhone 5, head over here to get it officially unlocked. And oh, Happy New Year 2013!

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