Free IMEI Checker Utility to Check if You Have an AT&T iPhone

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Not sure if you have an AT&T iPhone? Use our free IMEI checker.

UPDATE: We provide 5 x free IMEI checks daily (limited to one IMEI check per person).

In case you missed the news, AT&T iPhones including iPhone 5 can now be officially unlocked at an extremely low cost. You no longer have to mess around with jailbreaking, downloading dodgy software and spend countless hours just to unlock your AT&T iPhone. The unlocking steps are super easy as shown here.

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Simply enter your IMEI below and we will respond with a simple ‘Yes‘ or ‘No‘.

Your Name

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Subject: Do I have an AT&T iPhone?

Your IMEI (Go to Settings, General, About) without space

Model (Go to Settings, General, About) e.g. MC319LL

We are currently working on automating the process so that you can get the result in real time. It’s also in the plan to make this free utility available for other worldwide network.

[By the way, this website has a free and quick AT&T IMEI checker tool (temporarily available)]

In the meantime, if you’re sure that yours is not an AT&T iPhone, you can use this service to check which network is your iPhone locked to. Also if you plan to purchase a used iPhone, it’s highly recommended that you check whether it’s blacklisted or not.

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  1. Wow, today my unoriginal Iphone4 has been unlock by I am really appreciated for your help. But I want to ask you in order to confirm that is it a unlock permanently? Kindly confirmed me via my email:

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