Fuzzyband 4.1 Released on Cydia Downgrades BB to 5.13.04

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Fuzzyband just announced on their Twitter page that version 4.1 is out on Cydia. It confirms that it will downgrade baseband version 5.14.02 to 5.13.04 for Ultrasn0w.

However, this only works for bootloader version 5.08.

How to downgrade your baseband:

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1. Launch Cydia from your springboard, and go to systems under section tab.

2. Press to select 3G Fuzzyband Downgrader from the list of packages and click on install.

3. After installation is completed successfully return to Cydia and press home button and launch Fuzzyband.

4. A message will be displayed if your bootloader is not supported, If you have the 5.08 bootloader you will be able to downgrade from baseband 05.14.02. Press the Downgrade button to begin downgrading your baseband.

5. Once the downgrade has completed successfully you will be displayed a Done! message saying, “I Haz Downgrade!”

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Comments & Discussion

  1. Hi everyone, i’m stucked with baseband 4.11.08 on iPhone 4.. I’ve upgrade my iOS to iOS 5 then i downgrade it to 4.3.3 but i still have 4.11.08

    Is there any solutions for this i’ve tried fuzzy but it’s not supported by my phone it gives me just the iOS ver.

    Please any help that will be appreciated :)

    Ps: i’m stucked like this since the release of iOS 5 beta :p and it really sucks :)

  2. hi,
    i have iphone 3g with 4.2.1 os i have updated baseband to 06.15.0. recently i have jailbreak it by redsn0w and also unlocked it by ultrasn0w. But it's keep showing me no service. Can anyone please help me.

  3. I have an iPhone 3G running on 4.2.1 with baseband 5.11.07 and bootloader 5.09. I downloaded fuzzyband it is suggesting me to upgrade the baseband to 5.13.04 for ultrasn0w. shall i go ahead and do it?

      • My phone is unlocked on 5.11.07 but the problem is after i upgraded to 5.11.07 and unlocked my wi-fi stopped working. So i was wondering if i could upgrade my iPhone's BB and unlock it to resolve that issue.

  4. I have an iPhone 3G running on 4.1 with baseband 5.14.02.
    It worked for me …n im so happy … Now am on 5.13.04.
    Can someone tell me how to unlock now.

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