GPS Not Working After Baseband Upgrade to 06.15.00 Fix Is In Progress

(Last Updated On: June 2, 2020)

After the unlock for 3G and 3GS was released a few weeks ago – another issue was discovered – now GPS does not seem to work properly after the reported battery draining issue and a fix by @sbingner.

This has been acknowledged by @Musclenerd in responding to a question by his followers on Twitter. These hardworking folks are working on a fix, so let’s hope this can be resolved soon.

If you cannot wait, you can opt for baseband chip replacement service or hardware downgrade. If you prefer DIY, you can purchase a baseband chip here.

UPDATE: We have heard from iPhone 3G users that they were able to restore the GPS functionality after downgrading to iOS 3.1.3 (still with baseband 6.15.00).


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