How I Factory Unlocked My AT&T iPhone 4 in 48 Hours without an AT&T Account

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Did you manage to get your iPhone unlocked yet? Here’s how I did it in less than 48 hours.

UPDATE: If you don’t have an AT&T account or your request was rejected, you can still unlock it here. Click here to unlock it fast.

I was rather surprised how quick the unlock was done considering it takes days just to fix a logic board!

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Anyhow, on Monday, April 16th Beijing time, I sent the email above to AT&T customer care: I purchased this used iPhone 4 in late 2010 through a friend who’s based in the US. I was lucky enough to have baseband 1.59.00 on it so I had to preserve the baseband whenever I need to update the iOS.

As soon as the email was sent, I received an automated response.

Although I didn’t receive any response within 24 hours, an email came to me on April 18th stating that I was eligible for the unlock. It also came with full instructions on how to proceed.

I didn’t restore it using stock firmware but instead I built a custom firmware using sn0wbreeze 2.9.3‘s baseband preservation mode. I inserted my China Mobile SIM card, connected to iTunes and it was unlocked right away. The only bug I found (as shown in the photo above) is baseband 1.59.00 is not compatible with iOS 5.1 – notice that there’s only one signal bar while the signal here is pretty strong.

Thank you to those who participated in this quick poll. So far only 20%  of those who responded managed to unlock their AT&T iPhones. This may not be very accurate as there were about 55% who received a case number may have already unlocked their iPhones by now. About 26% of the requests were rejected. You can use this service if your request was rejected.

Since it’s already fully unlocked, I kinda feel nostalgic about the old baseband 1.59.00 because it had served me so well. Thank you AT&T for doing this for us, you’ve exceeded our expectations.

Now, should I just update to 4.12.01?

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Comments & Discussion

  1. hi,

    my iphone 4s with 5.0.1 is currently jailbroken and unlocked with an ultrasnow card that fits under the microsim.

    my questions are:

    is this a factory unlock by at&t? i tried to use my iphone 4s ( unlocked with ultrasnow microsim ) in singapore, however, my iphone did not work. different systemin singapore? cdma vs gsm? china uses both cdma and gsm as i understand it. i guess that’s why mine worked in china and not in singapore.

    and will i lose my 5.0.1 and the cydia jailbreak if i unlock with at&t?

    • that's actually a Gevey SIM… and it's only for GSM iPhone 4.. Are you trying to use the same for the 4S? You need an Ultra S for that. Factory unlock means you don't need to use any of these devices or software to unlock it

  2. hi,

    i had it unlocked in china. it says ultrasnow on it. i actually purchased a gevey sim in the us. however, it did not unlock my 4s in china. that’s why i jad to unlock my 4s in china.

    so will this at&t factory unlock allow me to use my 4s in countries such as singapore which use the cdma system?

    and if i go with the at&t factory unlock, will i lose the 5.0.1 and cydia jailbreak currently on my 4s?

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