How to Setup Gevey Ultra S and Use Intelligent Learning (SIM Copy) Feature

(Last Updated On: June 21, 2020)

Congratulations to our customers who have purchased Gevey Ultra S from us! This is simply the best unlocking device for your iPhone 4S. Please take some time to read the following.

UPDATE: Unlock your AT&T iPhone 4S permanently. Read more here.

Setting Up Gevey Ultra S

1. You need to cut your SIM card into the size of a Micro SIM. Only use a special SIM cutter (avoid using scissors!). Your nearest mobile store shop may be able to provide this service for you. Alternatively, you can purchase a SIM cutter.

2. Trim the upper right corner of your SIM card with a nail clipper so that it would fit nicely onto the custom SIM tray.

Using Gevey Ultra S for the First Time

By default, Gevey Ultra S is designed to unlock AT&T iPhone 4S. If yours is locked to AT&T, simply insert your SIM card together with Gevey Ultra S. Restart your iPhone and wait for it to connect. No operations needed.


  • If you see ‘No Service’ continue waiting until it picks the mobile signal. You may have to reboot your iPhone for the second time.
  • You need to keep the Gevey Ultra S inside your iPhone 4S for as long as you need it unlocked.

If your iPhone 4S is locked by other network carriers such as KDDI Japan, Softbank Japan, Bell Canada etc. you need to use Gevey’s Intelligent Learning™ (or SIM Copy) feature. You only need to do the following once.

How to Setup Gevey’s Intelligent Learning™

1. Prepare your iPhone 4S official SIM card (activation SIM card).

2. Switch off your iPhone 4S.

3. Insert your official SIM card together with Gevey Ultra S into your iPhone 4S.

4. Switch on your iPhone 4S and go to the STK Menu (Settings > Phone > SIM Applications). You must do this quickly.

5. You will see COPY SIM. Tap on it and switch off your iPhone 4S immediately. You must do this quickly. [this copies your SIM card’s MCC and MNC information etc]

6. Insert your own SIM card (not the official SIM card) together with Gevey Ultra S. Switch on your iPhone 4S and wait for it to connect.


If your iPhone 4S is locked to AT&T, you don’t need to do the above. This only applies for non- AT&T locked iPhone 4S and you only need to do it once (for that particular SIM card).

Enjoy your iPhone 4S and DO NOT UPDATE your iPhone to any latest iOS 5.1 (or iOS 6) without checking our website. Just hit cancel when iTunes is prompting you to update or when you see the notification on your Settings icon.

This is the reason why our customers purchase from us! Genuine products, great information and great technical support – all the time. Only from the real iPhone hardware experts.

Do you need a Gevey Ultra S for your iPhone 4S? Buy it now!


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