How to Unlock Your AT&T-Locked iPhone for Free by Contacting AT&T Support

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It looks like AT&T have started unlocking iPhones (via Apple) over the weekend. Need to unlock yours too? Simply follow the steps below.

UPDATE: If your request is rejected, you can still get the unlock. Click here to learn more.

1. Firstly, find out if you’re eligible for this free unlocking service.

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2.  Allocate 20-30 minutes of quiet time so that you can speak or chat properly with an AT&T’s customer support representative.

3. Once you’re ready, get your AT&T account number ready and have your iPhone in front of you.

4. Call this number 1-800-331-0500 (Sykpe user can call for free) or login to your AT&T online account to initiate a Live Chat session with an AT&T’s customer support representative.

5. They will ask a couple of questions but mainly will ask for your account information, email and your iPhone’s IMEI number. Go to Settings > General > About. Scroll down to get your iPhone’s IMEI number.

6. If there’s no issue with your account, they will issue the unlock and instructions within a few hours (some are given 24-48 hours). If this is not the case, they may have to do further checks. In this instance, they will give you a ticket number and inform you that somebody will be in touch with you within a week or by April 16th.

7. Once AT&T confirms your eligibility, they will send you the instructions as shown above. Do note that restoring your device with a stock firmware will wipe out your jailbreak.

Think of this as the officially IMEI unlocking which was offered by various vendors not too long ago. Apple is the one who does the unlocking, not AT&T.

Good luck and share your experience here! Let us know if we missed anything.

UPDATE: If your request is rejected, you can still get the unlock. Click here to learn more.

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Comments & Discussion

  1. Oh boy, just called and cust rep said if I'm not an ATT customer, he cannot unlock my phone. Should I try later on with another rep?

  2. iphone sucks ,,,,, i used iphone 3g 3gs 4 & now 4s but every time i need to jailbreak it unlock it … what the f**k is this …. now i permenantly leave the iphone sh*t i moved to samsung it would be more more more bettter then iphone sh*t ….. they have better n smart feartures …. iphone huh new wife with old f**kin features bye iphone … now put your iphone in your a*s

  3. I got rejected by AT&T for official unlock since I am still under 2 year contract. Could you do unlock for me? I have iphone 5 with IOS 7.1.1. How much it is?

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