iPhone 4S is the First Mobile Phone using Low Power Bluetooth 4.0 a.k.a. Bluetooth Smart

(Last Updated On: June 21, 2020)

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) announced two new brand extensions to its globally recognized Bluetooth logo today in an effort to create consumer awareness around compatibility for new devices implementing Bluetooth v4.0 – the Bluetooth Smart Ready trademark and the Bluetooth Smart trademark; and the iPhone 4S is the first phone to implement such technology.

The press release also mentioned that:

“Bluetooth Smart Ready devices are phones, tablets, PCs and TVs that sit at the center of a consumer’s connected world and implement a Bluetooth v4.0 dual mode radio.

Bluetooth Smart devices are sensor-type devices like heart-rate monitors or pedometers that run on button-cell batteries and were built to collect a specific piece of information. Bluetooth Smart devices include only a single-mode low energy Bluetooth v4.0 radio.”

The chip uses very little power that it can go into devices that are powered only by a standard “button cell” battery common in watches. The battery can last for many years.

More fully featured devices such as the iPhone 4S that can communicate with them and with other, standard Bluetooth devices will be labeled “Bluetooth Smart Ready.”

Casio of Japan has said it will introduce a watch by the end of 2011 that’s Bluetooth Smart. It will be able to link to a smartphone and notify user of incoming emails and text messages by beeping and vibrating. Cool huh?

Meanwhile, Nordic Semiconductor mentioned that one of its Bluetooth Smart chips will go into a belt that measures its wearer’s heart rate sends the information to the user’s mobile phone.

I guess It’s just a matter of time before everything we wear will integrate with our mobile phones.

Photo credit: TechRepublic

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