iPhone 5 Logic Board Leaked Photo Features A5 II Dual Core CPU

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Too many iPhone 5 rumors for you to handle? Well, here’s another one for you. Aside from all the leaked iPhone5 parts you’ve seen over the past few weeks, the heart of the iPhone 5 is finally leaked – the iPhone 5 logic board.

The photo above which was leaked by Chinese tech website PCPop shows the front portion of the logic board, and it appears that there’s a huge one piece of EMI shield covering the whole logic board. From my observation, it seems only the WiFi and Bluetooth modules can be directly replaced due to the extremely high integration and miniaturization. This means the logic board will be even harder to fix.

It is reported that the iPhone 5 will feature the A5 II Dual Core processor, similar to the one used on iPhone 4S but with faster CPU speed and more powerful GPU chip.

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This is the back portion of the logic board, which is somewhat similar to the iPhone 4S logic board. Perhaps one the most talked about topics with the iPhone 5 is the nano-sized SIM tray, one size down from the current micro SIM tray used on iPhone 4 and 4S.

While Apple is trying hard to prevent exposure of their products before the planned launch date, their parts manufacturers and suppliers are more challenged to do so. As there thousands of workers producing them, it’s bound to happen that one of them would sneak out the factory with one of these.

Whatever or however the iPhone 5 would look like, I’m sure many Apple fans out there are eagerly anticipating for its release which is rumored to be on September 12th next month.

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