iPhone Dev Team Discovered Possibilities of Unlocking Baseband 5.14.02, 5.15.04 and 4.10.01

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On our previous post we briefly mentioned that maybe one of the reasons why iPhone Dev Team is delaying the release of the unlock for iPhone 4’s baseband 2.10.04 and 3.10.01 is because they want to make sure the newest baseband 4.10.01 can be unlocked as well.

UPDATE: AT&T iPhone can now be officially unlocked on any iOS or baseband.

@musclenerd, courtesy of himself :)

@musclenerd tweeted earlier and mentioned:

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Current i4 unlock goal includes til 04.10.01 (4.3b3). Very weird situation…vuln cmds are there, trying to invoke them!

[Note: vuln cmds = vulnerability commands, in simpler words mean a set of codes can be injected into a program (the baseband program in this case) and will crash it therefore revealing an exploit which can later be hacked and unlocked.]

It appears that the unlock for baseband 4.10.01 is a work in progress. Meanwhile, when he was asked if 5.14.02 can be unlocked, he replied:

ironically, the i4 unlock search has yielded 05.14 & 05.15 unlock 3G/3GS vectors… but i4 is 1st priority

That means it is now becoming possible to unlock iPhone 3G and 3GS’ baseband 5.14.02 and 5.15.04. Obviously, most of the effort will go into unlocking the iPhone 4 first, then the baseband 6.15.00 downgrader and eventually the unlock for older basebands.

We don’t wish to spoil the mood but if the goal is to unlock 4.10.01 as well, the release of the iPhone 4 unlock may be delayed even longer. :)

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Comments & Discussion

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  2. :( Does anybody have an approximate idea about WHEN will would this unlock feature be relaeased???
    M stuck on 5.14.04

  3. i am ok with the GPS not working.
    but as i have heard does it really slow down the speed?
    i mean calls,messages,ipod,gprs… do they work normal?
    is there any noticeable decrease in the speed.?
    its an i phone 3G , 8 GB..
    v3.13 , 5.15.04
    pleaseeeee respond.
    and like i said earlier.. any idea about when would they launch a crack for 5.15.04??????

    • I just upgrade my iphone 3gs 32 gb baseband to 6.xxx and unlocked it ! IIt's work great like normal except for the battery run out so fast but I found a video on youtube how to fix it ! and now everything work great .I had upgrade 2 iphone 3gs to base-band 6.xxx and unlocked but there is only one problem with one iphone .HOPE THIS HELP

  4. Hi, I have IPhone 3G with BB 15.04 I heard its posible downgrade if bl is 3.8, but my IPhone´s iboot is 596.24, Do you know if my iboot is the older or newer?

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  6. Hi,

    How long will it take for this unlock version to be realeased. I'm stuck in 5.15.04 BB or is ter any other means by which I can unlock my Iphone.?

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