MuscleNerd & Sherif_Hashim Commented Hamzah_Akram’s 4.11.08 Unlock Method on

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If you missed the news last night, hamzah_akram released his iPhone 4 baseband 4.11.08 unlock method which created excitement, frustrations and not to mention, controversies.

UPDATE: Unlock AT&T iPhone permanently using iTunes. Click here for more.

His method looked pretty complicated but essentially similar to the steps that I blogged about a few months ago. There were some reports that it worked for some people. However, it seems that most people failed to make the unlock work for them.

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Surprisingly (for us), MuscleNerd and Sherif_Hashim made their way to BeijingiPhoneRepair’s website and left their comments on Hamzah_Akram‘s method.

According to MuscleNerd:

“This is just a regurgitation of the fake “unlock” people were pushing a few months ago.

At the very *best* you’ll get 5-10 seconds of what looks like a carrier signal. But you won’t be able to make calls, and the signal will disappear after 10 seconds max.

It’s a normal side-effect of OTA activation. It doesn’t last more than mere seconds.

I tried posting this on the faker’s blog, but he’s filtering the comments (for obvious reasons) .”

Meanwhile, Sherif_Hashim added:

“lol, with the use of SAM u can see the network bars and carrier name more stable not only for few seconds, but in fact it is not working as the BB activation ticket is withdrawn immediately, that’s what i was trying to tell him and others too” :)

To have two of the biggest iPhone baseband hackers commenting here is flattering but let’s hear from the folks out there who are stuck with their “glorified iPod touch.” There are two polls below. Hopefully in a few days we’ll get enough feedback to determine the facts.

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And here’s one more…

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Comments & Discussion

  1. I haven't tried this method, yet I am guessing this could be a NEAR FACT for the 04.11.08 unlock solution which might need to exploit further in order to complete its untethered result. This is might the reason why this two guy, MuscleNerd & Sherif are triggered to explain about this, I thought they don't know about unlocking 04.11.08? Why suddenly they popped out after a long time, and tells story about the "fake" unlock? I think it would be great if they tell us about the possibilities of 04.11.08 unlock instead of battling around with this "fake" unlock blog post.

  2. I think I will learn Iphone Hacking :D So guys, I will release my unlock on 2014 :D if these "hackers" needs 2 years or more to unlock the iphone's firmware, I will start to learn it you can wait 2 more years :D hahaha :) Love my HTC!

  3. hi this is ahmed can u provide me a software of baseband 04.11.08 i have jailbreak it bt the iphone is showing no service after puttig sim card on iphone

  4. hi i have an iphone ios 5.0 bb 4.11.08 and stil on tethrd jailbreak.. can u please help me how to upgrade my ios to 5.0.1 so that i can have unthetrd jailbreak..pls help me im kinda new at this,.. what should i do?

    • People`s expectation was very high 4 Musclenerd, they thought he`s the magician of the iphone world, so he can get solution for any hard problem (unlock), finally all the hopes crashed, especially after he gave some promisses without getting them facts. [in Human eye`s Failed r bad nomatter how many they gave in past time]

      • Actually the only contribution he made to the team is to compile all those DevTeam stuffs. LOL!
        BTW he's the spokesperson of the DevTeam too.

        That's why I wonder why we honor MuscleNerd. LOL! Sorry MuscleNerd we're starting to hate you, better put on your uniform from Apple then start promoting their iDevices.

  5. Guys, read this one:!/ApplenBerry the latest status of Applenberry:

    "If we received 20,000 Likes on Applenberry and GEVEY Fan Page.
    I will release some information about the progress of of the New GEVEY"

    After that what you are expecting from them? :) They get money but it seems it is not enough and they also want to have thousands of fan. When they will have 20.000 fans, what would be the next requirement? People expecting the new Gevey on February should expect this shit on ??/??/20?? Maya should know that :D And yes, of course, those supposed apple hackers promised that they would have the unlock for this Iphone 4 but people have been waiting 2 years and till now there are only promises, promises and promises :D

    • Do you guys wanna know why? They want justification and to convince developers/manufacturers that there are at least 20,000 people wanting this unlock. Then they will dedicate their time and effort to do the unlock. It's all about the $$$.

    • Applenberry apologized for that statement. We don't know the reason why they said that. LOL! Might be you're right Alex, they're wanting to have thousands of fan. Yet they cannot even give an ETA, or even the percentage of their development/research stage.

  6. 2 milllions of download of ultrasnow in 1 day! Apple is not a stupid robot which doesn't know how many people are expecting this unlock ;) they know everything but take into account, we all are a pretty little part of a big iphone business ;) They all think on themselves at first… that's all!

  7. i suppose Apple is the big father sponser of Jailbreak as they released the Ibooks fix after only 16 hours from being on Appstore !!!! dose this mean any thing !!! and they force stopped the 4.11.8 unlock to Boost the 4s sales !!!

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