New iPhone 3GS 8GB Uses New Chip That’s Not Compatible with iPad Baseband 6.15.00

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How does Apple prevent people from unlocking their brand new iPhone 3GS 8GB? They replaced one of the components inside!

UPDATE: If you have an AT&T iPhone, make it officially unlocked here. Other network can be unlocked as well without messing up the chip.

As it turns out any 3GS produced after week 28 of year 2011 (sometime in July) is made with Toshiba baseband Numonxy 36MY1EH or 36MY1EF chip, as opposed to Infineon baseband 36MY1EE NOR chip.

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If you attempt to flash it using iPad baseband 6.15.00 there is a risk of bricking your phone! Take this as a warning!

The typical symptoms of a corrupted baseband NOR chip are:

  • No WiFi
  • No ECID
  • No IMEI
  • No Bluetooth
  • Restarts itself every few minutes or so

Please take note of serial number of up to XXX109XXX may or may NOT be compatible with the iPad baseband. See example below:

XX109XX = 1 is the year of 2011 and 09 is week 9 of 1 year

If the serial number is XX931XXX that means it was produced in 2009 in week 31. Thus, it’s safe to flash it with the iPad baseband. If you’re already encountered with the errors above, consider having your logic board fixed. See here.

You can use this website to check your iPhone’s production year and week based on its serial number. You can also physically check if you have an older chip (some refurbished units are using older chips).

If you intend to unlock your iPhone by flashing it with an iPad baseband, please check your serial number first! If yours is made after week 28+ of 2011, then consider downgrading to 5.13.04. Learn more about it here.

AT&T iPhone 3GS owners with either new or old chip can use this to permanently unlock it.

So which year production and week number is your iPhone 3GS?

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Comments & Discussion

  1. I have att 3GS baseband 5.16.08 old bootrom production date 2010 December week 50. Running iOS 6.1. Is the official unlock purchasable here still available with my baseband?

  2. iphone 3gs 32 gb.
    ios 6.0.1
    serial number:88007xxxxxx

    can i flash it to ipad baseband and downgrade to 5.13.04 for unlock.

  3. I bricked my iPhone 3GS 8GB long time ago and now I want to unlock it through this website but I dont know if that will help. Its stuck on recovery mode. It has iPad baseband.
    IMEI: 012856006203575

  4. Hi i have an iphone 3gs with 4.3.3 and baseband 5.16.02
    Serial: 8612652xxxx

    -> Can i upgrade to ipad baseband?

    Thanks for your help.. "_"

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