Report: Apple May Fully Use Web-Based iOS Diagnostic Solution Everywhere Soon

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Apple has reportedly completed a diagnostics solution for iOS that allows users to send error reports to Apple about their device remotely, obtaining useful tips and repair information when required.

This tool will allow Apple support personnel to obtain information on a device’s UDID, name, battery diagnostics, iOS version, and crash logs via an entirely online interface. The aim is to simplify the process of troubleshooting and diagnosing iOS device faults when bringing the device in for a physical inspection is not practical.

According to AppleInsider, a person familiar with Apple’s retail operations revealed that the company has already been using the site for repairs at many retail locations in the US. Users can visit the site on their iOS device to launch the Web application, where they are asked for an Apple ID. Apple Store Geniuses have found it both easier and faster to simply plug devices into a computer for diagnosis.

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The log files generated would look something like this:

CycleCount: 249
DesignCapacity: 1420
properties: {
“battery”: {
“designCapacity”: 1420,
“cycleCount”: 249,
“fullChargeCapacity”: 1420
“aggd”: {},
“basic”: {
“backlightLevel”: 0.6308901,
“deviceType”: “iPhone3,1”,
“systemUptime”: 9110.153260083334,
“serialNumber”: “00000XXXA4S”,
“deviceName”: “Someones iPhone”,
“batteryLevel”: 100,
“deviceVersion”: “X.X”
result: okay
device_type: iPhone3,1
device_version: X.X
serial_number: 00000XXXA4S
FullChargeCapacity: 1420
ticket_number: 55555
battery_level: 100
device_name: Someones iPhone
application_version: 1.0

If you want to see the iOS diagnostic app for yourself, simply type in below in Safari:


It was also reported that the new diagnostic tool will be deployed “in the next months everywhere.”

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