The Official Unlock for Sprint iPhone All Models is Here (Blacklisted Supported)

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Got yourself a Sprint iPhone which you can’t unlock even after spending so much time on the web finding for a solution? The official unlock is finally here.

A few years ago, when the iPhone unlocking via jailbreaking was still possible, it was a primary reason why people wanted to jailbreak their iPhone. It began with AT&T iPhone, when Geohotz became the first hacker in the world to unlock it. I can still remember that the last baseband that was exploitable was baseband version 1.59.00 on an iPhone 4. After that, no other software method was possible to unlock the iPhone.

Then the official unlock for A&T iPhone came. The process is super easy as only your IMEI/ESN/MEID is needed. There’s no shipping required. Now it’s becoming too common that prices to unlock AT&T iPhones have dropped significantly over the past few years. However, it was Sprint iPhone that’s always been a pain to be unlocked.

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Hackers tried but wasn’t successful. Some China-based hardware developers created a tiny device which you place together with the SIM card inside the SIM slot to unlock newer model of iPhones. This solution is not elegant and becomes obsolete every time there’s a new iOS being released.

Those with Sprint iPhone of any model can now rejoice because finally some sources now have access to unlock Sprint iPhones officially. That means you can do it simply by connecting to iTunes. There’s no hacking or jailbreaking required. If there’s a software or iOS update, the unlock is permanent and you don’t have to worry about the iPhone getting locked ever. What a great peace of mind!

Even if your iPhone is blacklisted, the unlock can still be done. However, if blacklisted in USA, you won’t be able to use it there because US carriers share the same databse. Some countries which have agreement with US carriers may potentially block the phone too so best to check in advance. If not blacklisted in USA, you can switch to AT&T or T-Mobile or any supported carrier without any problem.

The only down side is the server to process the unlock may not be up all the time. It’s best to get it unlocked by placing your order right now because once the service window is closed, you may need to wait again before you’re able to use your Sprint iPhone.

Although prices are still on the high side since this service is relatively new in the market. If there are more sources who can do it, prices will come down for sure. The links to the official unlock can be found below.

Official Unlock for Sprint iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus (Supports blacklisted/barred/unpaid bills iPhone)

Official Unlock for Sprint iPhone 4/4S/5/5s/5c (Supports blacklisted/barred/unpaid bills iPhone)

Official Unlock for Sprint iPhone (all models but only non blacklisted supported)

[image via LA Times]

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