These Are The Latest iPhone X Baseband Versions on iOS 11.4

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On the recent release of iOS 11.4, the baseband or modem firmware of iPhone X has been updated. These are the latest versions.


Just around two weeks ago, the iOS 11.4 was released and as usual, the modem firmware or baseband software had been updated.

There are two types of modem chips made for the iPhone X.

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The MDM9655 baseband hardware now has version 1.93.00 while baseband hardware model PMB9948 has version 1.04.51.

On iOS 11.3, they were on 1.89.00 and 1.04.16 respectively.

The baseband used to be an important aspect of the iPhone during the early days because it indicates whether the hardware can be hacked for unlocking.

Since it’s no longer possible to hack it to unlock the iPhone, only an official unlocking method is available.

For the curious minds, the modem firmware versions of older models and iOS can be found on this website.

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