This Canadian Teenager was Killed After Tracking His Stolen iPhone with ‘Find My iPhone’

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If you managed to track your stolen iPhone using Find My iPhone, report it to the police immediately. Otherwise, you may end up like this teenager.

Since Apple started implementing Find My iPhone, we have heard stories of people managed to recover their device. This store however ended with a tragic note.

Jeremy Cook (not related to Tim Cook) was an 18 year old teenager from Brampton, Ontario, Canada. His body was found with multiple gunshot wounds, and the police believed that he was shot by the people who had his phone.

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On the weekend, he took a cab but accidentally left it behind. Like any other teenagers, he probably Googled on what’s the best way to recover his iPhone. Knowing that Find My iPhone would probably help him, he was able to track his missing iPhone. His relative said, who was with him when they were at the location, they were three people confronted them.

When the situation escalated, the three people drove off but Cook grabbed on to the driver’s door. That’s when he was shot.

Police said both the car and his phone were recovered.

What should you do if you’re able to track your stolen iPhone? Avoid going to the location altogether because you never know what’s going to happen or the type of people you will encounter. You should still go to the police even though many people are saying that the police won’t do anything about it.

Alternatively, you can lock your iPhone remotely to prevent further use by the person who has your iPhone.


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