This is How iPhone 5’s (Complex) Schematics Diagrams Look Like

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Do you love the look and feel of the iPhone 5 in your hands? Of course, they are a wonderful piece of engineering and you can tell by looking at these schematics.

Looking at these diagrams is probably like an artist appreciating Mona Lisa’s portrait.

I’ve studied electronics engineering for more than 10 years and engineering diagrams such as these never fail to awe me.

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If you’re an electronics hobbyist this will help you understand how all components on the logic board interact and work with each other, if you run a repair shop this will help you identify and troubleshoot hardware problems on the iPhone 5.

There are literally hundreds of micro components mounted on the logic board, each playing a vital role to give you the best experience on your iPhone 5 right now.

People may be too easy to judge that the iPhone 5 is “just longer” than the iPhone 4S. If you look at these diagrams, there are more to the iPhone 5.

Didn’t your teacher say “never judge a book by its cover?” Now let me get back to these schematics and try to learn something new today…

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