This is What Caused Apple to Remove the iCloud Activation Lock Checker

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Can’t check any device iCloud Activation Lock status on anymore? This is probably the reason why.

A few years ago, Apple made the iCloud Activation Lock Checker available for public to use to check whether a device has its iCloud lock enabled or disabled.

This is useful to prevent people from buying device that’s lost or stolen, because it needs to be activated once a full restore is performed on the device.

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The website provides access to enter serial number or IMEI, and will return a simple status whether iCloud is ON or OFF.

So far, Apple has not provided any real reason why the web page has been taken down but it seems the reason why it was disabled because people were “stealing” iCloud disabled serial number to activate another device.

This is done by re-programming the chip of an iPad with a different serial number. Although it’s a sophisticated process, but hardware experts are able to take advantage of this exploit.

While it helps to reduce abuse, it doesn’t help people who are looking to purchase used devices. Only folks who have access to Apple’s database are able to make a manual check of iCloud activation lock status.

Do you need to check the status Activation Lock status of an iPhone? Find out how to do it here.

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